[Fresh Tremella and Dry Tremella Initially Good]_ Dry Tremella _ Change

Dried Tremella is often seen in the northern regions and appears white-yellow.

When using it, it should be soaked in hot water and washed with water, but fresh tremella will be eaten in the south. The two types of tremella are not much different and each has its own advantages.

Fresh tremella is more fragrant, while dried tremella is more convenient and easier to preserve.

There are different functions and advantages from different aspects. Let me give you a detailed explanation.

First, fresh Tremella and dried Tremella themselves cannot be generalized, and the benefits are different from different perspectives.

Judging from the time when Tremella fuciformis is released, fresh Tremella fuciformis is easier to dispense than dry Tremella fuciformis, and the gum is thicker, its edible value is relatively high, and the edible value of fresh tremella is also relatively high.

However, the fresh Tremella referred to here is the processed Tremella on the surface of the market, and some fresh wild Tremella is not processed and contains porphyrin-type light-sensing substances, which will be distributed to human epidermal cells with blood circulation.When exposed to sunlight at this time, it is likely to cause solar dermatitis, and the skin will appear red, swollen, itchy, rash, and blistering.

From the point of view of food safety, dried Tremella is relatively high. Dry Tremella is mainly sun-treated, and the porphyrin-type light-sensitive substances contained in it are gradually reduced, and dried Tremella can also be prolonged.Keep it free from mildew.

Second, the storage time of fresh Tremella fuciformis is rich in water, which is extremely susceptible to mold pollution, causing mold, deterioration and other phenomena. After dehydration treatment, dried Tremella can be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Price difference Fresh Tremella is relatively precious because of its short storage time, plus the cost of packaging and transportation, so the price on the market is much more expensive than dried Tremella.

The content of porphyrins in unprocessed fresh Tremella fuciformis contains relatively high content of porphyrins photosensitivity, while the porphyrins in dry Tremella fuciformis are relatively low in safety.

Three, one.

First look at the color of Tremella. Generally speaking, Tremella is yellow and white, fresh and shiny.


Good white fungus has large flesh, scent smell, saturation, good expansion, and no spots and other colors. In addition, white fungus is better without debris.

Fourth, the precautions for edible Tremella 1.

Exogenous wind chills, hemorrhage, and diabetic patients are not suitable to eat white fungus, so as not to aggravate the disease and affect the recovery of the body.


When foaming Tremella, it is best to soak the hair with water, and then change the water a few times to remove some harmful substances. After foaming, you need to remove the inedible part of the Tremella fungus root, leaving only the Tremella fungus.valve.


Tremella should not be consumed before bedtime, as it may cause an increase in blood viscosity and affect the health of the body.