[Contraceptive methods that do not hurt the body]_How to contracept

As people pay more and more attention to their physical health, many women have begun to pay special attention to their own health, especially as their awareness of contraception is gradually increasing.

There are many methods of contraception, or certain methods of contraception will cause some harm to women’s bodies, but the degree of harm is different, so women can choose some methods of comparing physical harm when choosing contraceptive methods.

1. Topical contraceptive film contraceptive mechanism: self-confidence by reducing sperm vitality, victory is 96%.

Strengths: No damage to vaginal epithelium, no change in vaginal self-cleansing effect, long-term use is harmless to the body, and does not pollute clothing.

Key points for safe contraception: Usually put in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture from affecting the medicine.

Do not rub too tightly or too small during use, otherwise it will affect the dissolution of the drug.

Be sure to use your fingers to carry it deep into the vagina, and perform intercourse after 10 minutes. If the intercourse time is more than half an hour, you should add another.

2. Intrauterine contraceptive ring contraceptive mechanism: by preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus, the contraceptive victory reaches more than 95%.

Strengths: Vice response is small, can be placed very continuously, and even taken at menopause.

Key points for safe contraception: The ring is easy to leave the normal position within 3 months after the ring is taken, so X-rays should be performed frequently to prevent the ring from leaving the normal position and conceive with the ring.

Patients with gynecological mortality, menstruation or irregularities, and reproductive tract tumors should not wear rings.

3, male condom contraception principle: self-confidence by avoiding sperm and egg encounter, victory reversed 80% -90%.

Strengths: No nuisance to the physiology of the female body, but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Key points for safety and confidence: The model must be convenient for the user.

In addition, it must be used in the intercourse, and it should be used at first. Broken and deteriorated condoms should never be used again.

After that, the upper mouth of the condom must be withdrawn with the penis, and the semen in the small sac of the condom should be checked, so that it can be confirmed that the condom is not damaged.