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[Can nine-month-old babies eat sesame oil?
】 _Baby and Toddler_Can I eat

In the summer, because the weather is very sultry, such sultry weather can easily make people’s appetite worse. In addition, factors such as incorrect diet can also cause people to lose their appetite. At this time, eat more foods that can increase appetite.Here we recommend sesame oil. The nutrition contained in the sesame oil is easily digested and absorbed, and it also has the effect of enhancing appetite. So, can a nine-month-old baby eat sesame oil?

Can a 9 month baby eat sesame oil?
Everyone knows that babies are best not to eat some flavoring agents, because there may be some chemicals in the flavoring agents that will affect the growth and development of food.

Sesame oil is also called sesame oil. It is a natural vegetable oil. It is extracted from sesame and has a particularly fragrant taste, so it is called sesame oil.

So can a 9 month old baby eat sesame oil?

Can a 9-month-old baby eat sesame oil?


The 9-month baby’s body can already secrete digestive enzymes that can fully digest protein. At this time, the mother can feed the baby more protein-rich supplements to allow the baby to absorb enough protein, so that the body’s growth needs.

9-month baby complementary food recommendation 1, tofu puree ingredients: boxed tender tofu 1/3 box (about 30 grams).

Method: Tender tofu is scalded with hot water. Take an appropriate amount of tender tofu and make it into a mud. You can feed it in a bowl.

Tofu is rich in nutrients, contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements necessary for the human body. It also contains sugars, vegetable oils and rich high-quality protein, known as the “plant meat”.

Tofu’s digestion and absorption rate is over 95%, which is very suitable for nine-month-old babies.

2. Yolk mud ingredients: 1 egg.

Method: Put the eggs in a sterilized steamer, peel the eggs, and remove the yolks.

Crush the egg yolk with a spoon and add some boiling water to the baby when replacing it.

Egg yolk is rich in protein, trace amounts and high-quality linoleic acid, which is an irreplaceable nutrition for the growth of baby brain cells.

That’s all for the 9-month-old baby.

In short, infant food supplement recipes are very eager to know for parents, because it is really good to make some food supplements for the baby at home as a parent. The nine-month food supplement food recipes need to be made according to the baby’s age and nutritional needs.Recipe.