30 seconds a day, thin bed and thin waist action

MM who are easy to gain weight should not be lazy, although the long-sleeved trousers can temporarily cover the defects, but accidentally will make the situation more serious, especially the waist that is easy to gain weight.

You must know that slim waist is a long-term and long-term process. If you want to maintain a beautiful body from time to time, you must start from the side.

  30 seconds of thin waist movement is the most effective and quick way to thin waist.

The bodybuilder suggested doing the right amount of exercise in the morning and evening to consolidate the effect.

Open your eyes every morning, lie on your bed and lean forward for about ten seconds. Don’t hold your breath. When you are lying on your back, try to follow your feet. The upper right side is bent at 90 degrees and you can do it on the upper waist. The left hand follows.Next.

  Then sit on the bed, lean forward on the upper body, perform the contraction movement of the back, insert both hands into the head, and forward forward for about 10 seconds.

Finally, stand up, bend the left elbow to the back of the head, and grab the left elbow with your right hand. Keep this action and try to tilt to the right side for about 10 seconds.

  Thin waist before going to sleep The bed movement before going to bed is also relatively simple, but pay attention to the long position, bend the elbow to place the back of the head, hold the pillow with both hands, and try to bend the wrist for 20 times;Bending, sandwiching the pillow between gravity, and tightening on the top and lifting the buttocks, slowly returning to the original position and lifting it up 20 times; you can also press the pillow above the bottom to compress the handThe right hand and the left foot are lifted about 20 cm and exchanged.

Do it 20 times back and forth.