Autumn health four methods to prevent cold and dry

According to the general rule of “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter”, the key to the health of autumn is a “receipt”, so it is called “the way of adoption.”

The basic principle of autumn health is to prevent cold and dryness, and it can be started from the so-called “lung” of Chinese medicine.

Because “Autumn March, lungs are prosperous”, the lungs are not only prosperous, but also the most vulnerable organs.


Every morning and before going to sleep, like chewing gum, Zhang Dakou makes up and down movements 100 times.

Then shut up, and the tongue is pressed against the sputum for 100 times, so that the body fluid is full and slowly swallowed.

Repeated 36 times.

When chewing, the muscles of the ankle are retracted at the top of the blood and pulled back to the heart to promote blood return and resist the autumn cool.


Pressing the pulp hole at the pulp hole in the depression below the lip, pressing the index finger hard, you can feel the secretion in the mouth.

If a diabetic patient wants to drink water, he presses it more than 10 times, and the thirst disappears immediately, without having to drink water repeatedly.

This kind of secretion can prevent autumn dryness, and it also contains gonadotropin which can delay aging, and can make the old man ruddy.

This method is simple and practical, as long-term health care can be applied at any time without being affected by time and place.


In the autumn, the metabolic knockout method and the lung and the large intestine are compared. Because of the autumn dryness, the peristalsis of the large intestine is slowed down, and the constipation is shifted.

The expert introduced a knocking method.

The tibia at the top of the eye is the meridian of the large intestine. As long as the eyelids are regularly stimulated or around the humerus, the function of the intestines can be restored to normal.

Method: Mix the food, the middle, and the ring finger to tap the rhythm of the rhythm.

10 after breakfast?
15 minutes is the time when the large intestine is most likely to work.

At this point, a few minutes of autumn tapping can be immediately produced.

The general lungs are also strong, and the overall mental state will be significantly improved.


The word “嘻” is one of the methods of exhalation in ancient respiratory exercise. It has the function of “going to the lungs and all the gas” and “the turbidity of the lungs”.

The method is to take a moment in the fresh air, try to absorb the fresh air, and then a little bit, then 嘻 (xi) sound in the mouth, gradually exhaling the turbidity, repeated 36 times.

The word “嘻” can clear the lungs.

Cough with fever, saliva, and chronic bronchitis in the elderly have certain preventive and therapeutic effects.