Nervous faint Chinese medicine treatment prescription recommended

Nervous faint Chinese medicine treatment prescription recommended

The treatment of neurasthenia is diverse, and it is generally necessary to choose according to the actual situation.

Among them, neurasthenic Chinese medicine treatment is favored by the majority of patients because of its unique curative effect and small complications.

Experts pointed out that the treatment of neurasthenia with traditional Chinese medicine follows the basic principles of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, and the symptomatic medication has a good effect, resulting in many famous prescriptions and prescriptions.

Below, we will recommend two prescriptions for the treatment of neurasthenia with Chinese medicine for reference: neurasthenic Chinese medicine treatment prescription[square name]Baimai An Shen drink.

  [Differentiation]Qi and Yin are both imaginary, the heat is disturbed, and the mind is dying.

  【治治】Yiqi Yangyin, clearing heat and soothe the nerves.

  [Composition]30 grams of lily, 30 grams of Huai wheat, 15 grams of lotus meat, 15 grams of night vine, 10 grams of jujube, 6 grams of licorice.

  [Usage]The medicine is soaked in cold water for half an hour, add water to 500 ml, boil for 20 minutes, filter juice, and store it in a thermos bottle, not divided. If you want to drink water, take this medicine liquid.

  Neutrophic Chinese medicine treatment prescription 2[name]Jiaotai drink.

  [Differentiation]Heart and kidney do not pay.

  [Governance Law]Nourishing Yin and reducing fire, traffic heart and kidney.

  [Composition]6 grams of Coptis, 6 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of Scrophularia.


  Experts remind that although the treatment of neurasthenia with traditional Chinese medicine is effective, it must be replaced by the professional doctor’s dialectic. Otherwise, the medicine is not symptomatic and cannot exert its due effect.

Moreover, under normal circumstances, neurasthenic Chinese medicine treatment is only used as an adjuvant therapy, and patients also need appropriate psychological counseling and psychotherapy to completely eliminate neurasthenia wounds.

What are the requirements for Chinese medicine?

What are the requirements for Chinese medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine should pay attention to frying first, then lower.

“First frying” is to increase the solubility of certain drugs or reduce the toxicity of drugs; and “post-down” is to reduce the loss of volatile oil and to avoid the destruction of active ingredients.

  Usually ore, such as shellfish, horns, because of the hard particle size, must first fry to help cook the active ingredients.

Such as raw gypsum, stone cassia, turtle shell, armor, etc. can be first fried and fried for 30 minutes, and then added to other herbs to cook together; and some toxic drugs, such as aconite, aconite, commercial land, etc., must first fry 1-2 hours to achieve the effect of attenuating or detoxification.

In addition, certain botanicals, such as Scorpio, Hemp, Dendrobium, etc., must be fried for 10-30 minutes before they can be effective.

The drugs that follow include fragrant scent, drugs containing more volatile oils, such as peppermint, musk, cardamom, amomum, sandalwood and some drugs that are not suitable for long-term decoction, such as uncaria, almond, rhubarb, etc., usually should be fried in TangjiGood 5-10 minutes into the pot.

  Time: The boiling time should be based on the nature of the different drugs and diseases, the difficulty of dissolution of the active ingredients and the medication.

After boiling, use the time of simmering medicine, general Chinese medicine, head frying should be 20-25 minutes, second frying 15-20 minutes; solution table Chinese medicine, head frying for 10-15 minutes, second frying for 10 minutes; nourishing Chinese medicine,Head frying should be 30-40 minutes, and frying for 25-30 minutes.

If the boiling time is too long, the soup is too thick, then you can add some boiled water and then boil, you can avoid the problem of reverse osmosis of active ingredients.

  Re-fried: In general, after a pair of Chinese medicines are boiled twice, the active ingredients contained in them have been greatly reduced, so it is better to cook them twice.

But nourishing Chinese medicine can be boiled three times.

Some prescriptions for carbonization can also be cooked three times.

It should be noted that if you mix the head frying with the two frying liquid, take it twice in the morning and evening.

Similarly, the decocted liquid is replaced three times a day.

Filter out immediately after boiling.

If the medicinal soup is cooked well, it should be filtered out with hot heat. It should not be placed in the pot for a long time.

Otherwise, the liquid containing too much colloid will gel with the temperature drop, it is difficult to filter, affecting the efficacy, and it is also easy to cause rancidity.

  Decoction: The best casserole casserole, the best decoction is of course the traditional crock, casserole, enamel, stainless steel, but avoid using aluminum pans, iron pans and copper pans to prevent these active metal vesselsReacts with drugs, affecting the efficacy of drugs and even harming the human body.

In addition, the medicinal sputum that has been sterilized with toxic external preparations should be washed and then boiled once with water to avoid toxic substances.

Lin Yichen: More than anyone who has lost weight

Lin Yichen: More than anyone who has lost weight

Duan face has another easy-to-fat physique Lin Yichen, so she has to be the same as most girls, to lose weight as a lifelong career and continue to struggle.

So to talk about the way to lose weight, in the morning, but more than anyone else!

  Diet, diet, sweet potato, nutritious breakfast, every morning when you come to the mainland, you will definitely eat a kind of breakfast – steamed sweet potatoes.

Almost every morning, the assistant asked her to make soy milk, and then served with steamed sweet potatoes.

The nutrient-rich sweet potato and soy milk will not make people fat. In the health and weight loss, they are quite proficient in the morning. The sweet potato can be detoxified and full of satiety. It is a good health diet food!

  In order to lose weight, I used to keep the tip of my chin. I insisted on fasting for 21 days.

However, the loved ones of the newspapers should not follow suit. Although they did not eat, they still ate high-protein enzymes and supplemented nutrition.

After 21 days of weight loss, Yichen successfully lost 7 kilograms!

When taking photos, she also took the shorts and smiled and said: Now that I am thin, I can finally wear shorts!

  After the exercise to lose weight, “Oriental Juliet”, after entering the rest period in the morning, she loves to live a healthy life.

Get up early every morning to go to the yoga studio to do yoga, sometimes to the gym.

After two months, I lost 3 kilograms in the morning.

Before the start of “My Billion Bread”, there was also a period of cycling to lose weight in the morning. After a round of crazy sports, the next person lost a big circle, and the cotton became more rosy.

It seems that sports weight loss is still worthy of respect?
Even losing weight is still beautiful!

  In addition to exercise, dieting, these well-known weight loss methods, there is also a unique weight loss weapon.

Legend has it that she has a secret notebook, in the filming of the gap, Yi Chen always likes to write on the book.

It turned out that because there are a lot of foods that can’t be eaten because of weight loss, in order to solve the love of food, she will remember the name of the food she wants to eat and imagine how she can comfort herself when she eats food.After eating, I asked my mother to give her a meal according to the menu on the book.

  According to the morning’s weight loss will kill 1.

Must drink 8 every day?
10 cups of water.


Eat at least 5 fruits a day.

  Essential vegetables and vegetables, celery, carrots, apples, grapes, mangoes, strawberries, persimmons, pineapples, cherries, etc.

Yogurt and milk are high

Yogurt and milk are high

Since the benefits of yoghurt to the human body have been recognized, and many manufacturers are very optimistic about this market, they are constantly introducing new varieties and introducing many kinds of strains, so that people have more choices.

  Yogurt and milk are mainly added with lactic acid bacteria, so the lactose in milk is decomposed into lactic acid. In the study, it is found that lactic acid and calcium are most easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, yoghurt is very suitable for puberty and is prone to osteoporosis.Women to compensate.

In addition, it creates an acidic environment for the gastrointestinal tract and also helps the absorption of iron.

  When it comes to the universe, you must understand it.

Although the labels vary, the contents are nothing more than milk, oligosaccharides, pectin, fructose and spices.

Because the Chinese generally do not adapt to the too sour yogurt, so the manufacturers will add sugar or fructose to flavor, which also adds a lot of impurities.

  Low fat milk 240C.

C contains about 120 calories, while the same amount of low-fat yogurt contains 150?
200 big cards (depending on each brand), so the conversion is more than imagined.

If you want to drink a little calories, it is recommended that you choose a yogurt that is degreased and low-transfer, because the same 240C.

C only contains a new generation of about 100 cards.

  Yogurt is generally higher than the conversion of milk. Women who are afraid of fat should choose the label and type carefully, and the amount of food should be limited. Otherwise, they will drink a bunch of gaps without knowing it.