Let you develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles

Let you develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles

The shoulder is a very wonderful multi-functional joint of the human body.

It can turn in any direction and participate in all upper limb movements in several subjects.

From an aesthetic point of view, the strong shoulder muscles make the upper line of the body beautiful and beautiful.

If the shoulder muscles are weak, stiff, or the tuxedo is unbalanced, they can easily be sprained and torn during exercise, not to mention aesthetics.

  In order to make the dumbbells and shoulder muscles of the tuxedo, the dumbbells are lifted in front of the dumbbells, and the side is flat, not to mention whether it is beautiful.

These exercises are very good, but they are not enough to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff and the muscles that fix the shoulder blades.

  In fact, the shoulder joint is particularly like a combination of a “ball and bowl”.

The rounded upper end of the upper arm bone is embedded in the outer end of the clavicle and is fixed by the tendon and muscle of the tendon.

This structure allows the shoulder joint to freely move with the upper limbs.

But if the muscle in this structure is too stiff, and the existing muscles will loosen and weaken, the shoulder joint strength will be out of balance, and the imbalance of muscle strength will eventually lead to the pain.

The exercise plan consisting of the following 3 sets of exercises will enable you to develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles.

The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen the shoulder joint function and the strength of the muscles involved.

You can choose from any combination of links to suit your practice plan: thin shoulders, what long sleeves are better, and 5-10 minutes after training, including relaxation.

The effect of practicing 3 times a week is the most ideal.

  Prevention of injuries When performing shoulder exercises, please be aware of the following recommendations for preventing injuries: 1.

Fully warm-up – Pre-heated muscles are softer and more elastic.

Doing strength exercises at this time can greatly reduce muscle discomfort and the possibility of injury.


The movements are correct – it is best to face the mirror exercises to ensure that the target muscles are moving alone, rather than being stronger by others: the muscles of the dragon are involved in the work.


Distinguish between normal and abnormal muscle soreness – When lifting weights, it is good to feel a burning sensation in the muscles, but it should stop if the joints are painful.


Record your training process – maybe some practice mode can cause sports injuries.

But only by making continuous records can you discover the rules.


Don’t ignore the squat – supine on the ground or on the fitness ball and lean down.

You can also lean back against the wall, lift your arms over your head, and apply force to the back.

These contractions and squats can alleviate the stiffness that causes shoulder injuries and poor body posture.

  The main muscle of the shoulder joint structure is the deltoid muscle.

They extend from the upper end of the clavicle to the scapula to the middle of the upper arm, covering the entire shoulder joint.

The main role of the deltoid muscle is responsible for multi-directional movement of the shoulder joint.

The rotator cuff, consisting of four muscles in the lower part of the deltoid muscle, is responsible for many upper limb movements, including casting, docking, and lifting. Its primary task is to prevent dislocation of the upper end of the arm bone.

  The scapula connects the clavicle to the upper arm at the back end.

When your upper arm is active, the shoulders will also have the corresponding action.

Its movement and stability is accomplished by a number of muscles, including the upper and lower trapezius muscles, as well as the rhomboids that connect the spine to the shoulder blades.

  Practice action 1.

Solid ball push-ups – The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the core strength and balance of the muscles that control the scapula.

  The body is in a push-up position and the left hand supports the ground.
Place your right hand on a 2-4 lb solid ball and keep your body in line from head to toe.
Flex your elbows and lower your body until the elbows and shoulders are at the same height.

Then the straight arm is propped up and restored, and the two arms are completed in the same number of times as the first group.

The point of this exercise is to keep the arm on the ball stable and let the ball just below the shoulder joint.


Pushing the dumbbell up and down – This exercise is an improved form of the shoulder push dumbbell, which aims to strengthen the scapula stability muscle while reducing the pressure on the shoulder joint.

  Hold one dumbbell in each hand and sit on the preset of 45-50 degrees on the slope, abdomen, and the back is close to the cushion.

Place your feet on the ground with the same shoulder width.

Elbow the elbow, hold the dumbbell in front of the shoulder, and move the palm forward.

Push the dumbbell hard and place your hand over the front of the shoulder.

Repeat after a few moments.

The main point of this exercise is to gather the shoulder blades back and down when doing the action, in line with the shoulders, in order to improve the body posture.


Prone V-shaped lifting dumbbells – this exercise works well for improving the posterior and rectus muscles of the shoulder deltoid muscle.

  Raise the highest end so that the dumbbell will not touch the ground when it is lowered.

Hold one light weight dumbbell in each hand and tilt it on top, and the two arms naturally sag.

The legs are straight and close together, and the abdomen is closed.

The shoulder blades are close to the middle and lower.

The palms are inward.

The arms are lifted forward to the front until the hand slightly exceeds the upper end of the upper limit.

Stay for 2 seconds and repeat after reduction.

During practice, pay attention to this V-shaped movement not only for the arm muscles, but also for the shoulder muscles, so the shoulder blades should be re-tensioned before each movement.


The primary purpose of the distal dumbbell oblique lifting is to exercise the shoulder deltoid muscle and the rotator cuff muscles to improve the balance of the shoulder muscles.

  The tips of the feet are the same shoulder width, and each hand holds a dumbbell on the side of the body, and the palms are inward.

Straighten your arms but do not lock the elbows, lift them up and separate them to the sides until the hands are shoulder-high.

At this point the distance between the two hands is a few inches wider than the shoulder.

After a pause, restore the repeat.

Note that the route of the two arms is just between the side lift and the front lift.

Don’t shrug when lifting your arms.


Lateral flexion arm dumbbell external rotation – this exercise can strengthen the endurance of the rotator cuff muscles and improve the stability of the shoulder joint.

  Lying on the side, legs straight, abdomen, keep your hips upright.

The left arm bends the elbow to support the upper body.

The right arm is bent at 90 degrees, the right hand is holding a small weight dumbbell, and the elbow tip is extended.

While keeping the right elbow relatively stable, raise the dumbbell with the right hand and raise the arm perpendicular to the ground.

After a short pause, repeat slowly after the reduction.

The number of times the bilateral is completed is one group.

Note that this is a shoulder-spinning exercise that keeps the shoulders fixed during the movement and does not move back and forth.

You can hold a towel roll under your arm to fix your arm.

Advocating this exercise on the shoulders strengthens the rotator cuff muscles and improves the stability of the scapula.
  Hold a dumbbell in the right and stand next to the right side.

Above the left knee joint, the left hand is supported on the upper side, and the flexion and extension joints are bent over to the trunk parallel to the ground.

Abdomen, straight back.

The right hand holding the dumbbell hangs down, under the right shoulder, and the palms are inward.

The shoulder muscles are forced to lift the right shoulder blade up and back, and the arm rises but does not bend.

After a pause, restore the repeat.
The same number of times for bilateral completion is 1 group.

Be careful not to let the shoulder blades move and the shoulder joints not to participate.

This is a small but challenging exercise.

Dietitian: It is better to make up the frost than to make up the frost, to remember 3 sentences in the frost, to eat 3 kinds of food.

Dietitian: It is better to make up the frost than to make up the frost, to remember 3 sentences in the frost, to eat 3 kinds of food.

Unconsciously, the fall is coming to an end. After the last solar eclipse in the fall, it is followed by the winter. Most of the country will begin to drift into the coldest months of the year.

As the saying goes, “It is better to make up the frost than to make up the frost”, which means that it is better to expect the winter complement, but it is better to lay the foundation when the frost falls, and only the foundation is stronger and the winter is more meaningful, and the body is more helpful.

On the occasion of the fall of the frosty season, the dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class talks with everyone: Frost Drop Health remembers 3 sentences and eats 3 more foods.

1, frosty solar health: avoid cold cold at this time the weather is getting cold, autumn dry is obvious, frost should first pay attention to keep warm, people with weak respiratory tract pay attention to increase or decrease clothes, wear a mask when going out, to avoid cold stimulation of the respiratory tract.

First of all, it is necessary to prevent autumn dryness, and the amount of exercise can be appropriately increased.

Many people think that a cold is not a big problem. For middle-aged people with cardiovascular disease, it is not a trivial matter to catch a cold when they are handed over in autumn and winter.

A cold is often an important factor in inducing or aggravating coronary heart disease. The resistance after a cold is reduced, leading to active induction, which may lead to coronary heart disease and even heart failure.

2, frosty solar health: pay attention to the stomach, the old people often say: frosty polygastric disease, because the cold is most irritating to the stomach, if you eat cold food, eat iced drinks, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal disease, or aggravate the originalThere is chronic stomach disease.

3, frosty solar health: before going to bed, more bubble feet frost gradually fall into the winter cold, the human joint parts are most afraid of cold, do not hinder the bubble hot feet before going to bed, add some Chinese medicine soaking feet such as wormwood, can driveCold and damp.

After talking about the three things that should be paid attention to in the diet, then how to adjust from the diet?

1, the frosty season to eat: chestnut chestnut is also listed in the fall of health good things.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the chestnut has a mild taste and sweet taste. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, tonifying the kidney, strengthening the heart, treating nausea, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, and treating all ages.

2, frosty solar terms eat: beef beef is rich in nutrients, rich in protein, traces, calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins, but also the role of warm stomach, is the best for the autumn and winter season to replenish the body.

3, frosty solar terms eat: pumpkin pumpkin oxide carotene, it will be converted into vitamin A in the human body, and vitamin A has the role of protecting the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract mucosa.

Pumpkin also contains trace elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper and pectin, which can promote the normal secretion of insulin, so it is suitable for diabetics.

Dear friends, do you still know what to pay attention to when you are going to be healthy?

Share your health experience in the comments section below.

Autumn is the most supportive, and the 5 benefits are waiting for you!

Autumn is the most supportive, and the 5 benefits are waiting for you!

It’s a cool autumn, it’s a good time for the lotus to be listed.

It’s the so-called “Hollywood’s treasure, the autumn is the most pleasing”!

Indeed, there are many ways to eat lotus root, such as sweet-scented osmanthus, scorpion clips, fried scallions and so on.

.It tastes delicious and sweet, and its health value is very high. Let’s take a look today.

How often do you eat lotus roots for your body?

1, relieve insomnia, improve sleep quality Many people fall into the fall, may cause insomnia or poor sleep quality for a variety of reasons, very affecting life.

Then the lotus root has the effect of sleeping, and the natural nature does not harm our body, so many people will choose to add some cockroaches at dinner, which can help us to sleep better.

2, beauty and beauty lotus roots have a lot of trace elements and minerals, so it can help us to maintain the skin, making women look more white and rosy.

Some people may know that there are lotus root ingredients in many skin care products, because it is very effective in beauty and beauty.

3, acne fall because the weather is very dry, people are easy to get angry, the fire will be prosperous will grow acne, then the lotus root is a smoldering effect, if you have a lot of acne on your face, you can also eat moreOh.

4, the energy contained in the weight loss lotus root is very low, and because there are many trace elements, it can also enhance satiety, so lotus root has always been the favorite of dieters.

5, the most fearful amount of mental retardation is senile dementia, which is a huge harm to patients and their families.

Therefore, if you want to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, you should always eat lotus root in your life. Among them, the brain develops very well, which can improve your intelligence and enhance your memory.

Although there are so many benefits of lotus root, it is not suitable for everyone. There are two kinds of people who can’t eat more. See if you have it?

The first type is a person with weak spleen and stomach.

Why can’t people who are weak in the spleen and stomach eat lotus roots?

Because lotus root is a cold food, if a certain group of people eat only will aggravate the condition and endanger the health of the spleen and stomach, it is still necessary to control the mouth.

Second, people who are diarrhea.

It is best not to eat sputum when your stomach is uncomfortable, even when you have abdominal pain and diarrhea, because it is more irritating to the stomach and cause more serious symptoms.

Finally, there is another point that Xiaobian needs special reminder, that is, lotus root is actually a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, before we eat it, we must remember to cook the lotus root to eat, otherwise there may be some side effects.
In terms of diet, only when you eat it according to your own physical condition, you can maximize the effectiveness of your food so that you can be healthier.

The crazy room can also be crazy!

The crazy room can also be “crazy”!

Dull waiting time and time-saving fitness method Every day you will wait a long time in front of the elevator!
Then, have you ever thought about taking advantage of this time? It takes only a few minutes to use your office bag to exercise your body.
What else to consider?
Move it!
  办公包静力练习  两脚开立大约与肩同宽,两手手心向上握住你的办公包带,两肘贴紧身体,以肱二头肌的力量去控制住你的包而不使它摆动In the specific training process, you can also try to practice with the opposite movements of the two hands.
In order to achieve different training effects.
Hold for about 30 seconds and then relax.
  俯身臂屈伸  首先将手臂前身支撑到墙面上,另一只手屈臂手持办公包放在体侧,持办公包一侧的手臂应自然下垂,同时抬头挺腰,身体与地面平行,支撑The legs relax and stand straight; the triceps pulls the office bag up and back until the arm is straight, and pauses for about 1-2 seconds.
  负重颈力练习  练习时两脚开立,先将你的办公包带放在头顶(注意包带不要过窄)同时可先挺直颈部,双手放在膝盖上以支撑你的身体;接下来Under the control of the neck muscles, lower the head forward; then use the neck muscles to force the head up and return to the prepared position.
This action training can be repeated.