Old people should take care of the joints from the details

Old people should take care of the joints from the details

We have more than one hundred joints.

Once there is a problem with the joint, it will be painful and swollen, and the action will be malfunctioning.

So maintaining a healthy joint is a guarantee of a good life.

And “joint maintenance” must start from the daily life.

  The sooner the “care joints” are, the better the experts think that when people are middle-aged, almost everyone will have joint tension, but the onset time is sooner or later, and the condition is different.

There is a great relationship between the bending of the joints and the proper “joint maintenance” at a young age.

With the increase of age, various organs of the human body begin to deteriorate gradually, and the joint vertebrae also have more or less degenerative complications due to metabolic abnormalities, abrasion, aging and the like.

At this time, if the “conservation of joints” interventions are kept up in time, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

  Absolutely, joint deformities are caused by old age or excessive joint use, and to protect the joints, headaches must be avoided.

In fact, in the factors that cause joint tension, sports mechanical damage is only a substitute, and there are many other physical details such as overweight, standing posture, activity pattern, eating disorders, etc., which may cause joint deformation.

Scientific eating and drinking is very important for thousands of years. Eating and drinking has always played an important part in our health care, because only good eating and living habits can have a healthy and long life.

Similarly, our “conservation of joints” is also closely related to daily eating and drinking.

  Sit: Try to sit as close as possible, keep the same position in a row, and get up in the middle.

If you have stiff knees after sedentary, you can do a “warm-up exercise” before standing up – gently swing a few legs.

Sleep: Patients with cervical osteoarthritis should avoid long-term desks, tilt their heads or turn their necks, and use pillows that are highly appropriate and conform to cervical curvature during sleep.

Those with lumbar spine can sleep on a hard bed.

  Food: Those who are overweight should control their diet and lose weight to reduce joint weight and lose 5 kilograms, which can reduce the risk of arthritis by 50%.

In addition, you should eat more foods rich in calcium and collagen.

  Movement: Avoid joint tension and excessive weight, prevent joints from suffering from inappropriate gravity and violence, to reduce repeated injuries of joints.

If the knee or knee is involved, avoid prolonged extension, running, playing or walking long distances.

  Wear: Wear more elastic shoes, use appropriate insoles, wear knee pads or elastic bandages, which is very beneficial for protecting the knees and limbs.

Usually pay attention to keep warm and moisture-proof, the coaxial joint is stimulated by the early cold and cause complications.

  Here, special note: in vitro supplementation of collagen is particularly critical for “joint maintenance.”

Because the normal joints of the human body are composed of cartilage, joint capsule, joint synovial fluid and ligaments, the spine can protect the joints and avoid the wear of the bones.

Collagen is the main component of the skeleton tissue in the joint, responsible for constructing the framework of the skeleton tissue and its stereotype.

Longevity bathing method makes people live a hundred years old

Longevity bathing method makes people live a hundred years old

Mr. Ma Yuchu is a famous scholar in Sri Lanka.

When he was 100 years old, he was still awkward and full of red light.

Ma Lao said before his death: “The biggest thing about my body is to wash the hot bath and climb the mountain.

“Ma’s hot and cold bath, the seasons are constant, for decades.

  Ma Lao’s “longevity bathing method” was learned from a 90-year-old American doctor when he entered the American Yale University in 1906.

  Long-life “hot cold bath” method The method of hot cold bath is simple, that is: bathing with hot water before going to bed every day, the temperature of the water can be tolerated by the body.

After washing, “sleep” in hot water for 15 minutes.

After bathing, a sweat is taken as usual. After 3-4 minutes, enter the cold water basin or shower with cold water.

  Hot and cold baths must be “hot and then cold”.

Ma Laojing experienced his own experience and summarized the bathing method of “hot first and then cold” into three major benefits: first, when taking a bath with hot water, the pores of the whole body expand, and the dirty things inside the body are excreted through sweat; secondThe hot water makes the blood smooth, promotes metabolism and makes people refreshed. Third, the whole body blood vessels expand due to hot bathing, and shrinks due to cold shower.

  The blood vessels are so shrunk, they strengthen the elasticity, they are hard to harden, the blood pressure is not easy to be high, and the old can prevent stroke.

This is indeed the reason for Ma Laos’ longevity.

  What kind of person is not suitable?

  For longevity and health, you may wish to apply the longevity bathing method.

But it is not true. People who are used to taking a hot bath are usually not allowed to take a cold shower after washing the hot water bath. They should first wash the warm water bath and gradually reduce the temperature of the water. After adjusting and adapting, then adopt “The longevity bathing method of “hot first and then cold”.

What kind of tea does the kidney drink?

Five types of tea are more helpful

What kind of tea does the kidney drink?
Five types of tea are more helpful

Chinese medicine believes that black tea is warm, cold, warm stomach, and has a nourishing effect; while green tea is cool, the effect is mainly refreshing and refreshing. Therefore, if men need kidney and impotence, they can be supplemented with warm black tea.

  Male kidney and impotence should choose warm black tea, which is often regarded as a symbol of pure heart and soul. In fact, according to the human condition, choose different compatible teas. Gentle black tea does not even inhibit sexual desire, and it can be combined with kidney strengthening.Even enhance sexual function and increase the effect of sexual excitement.

Thereby achieving the effect of kidney and aphrodisiac.

Here are five tonifying tea drinks for everyone.

  Eucommia tea Eucommia leaves 12 grams, black tea 3 grams.

Cut the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides and mix them with tea leaves into boiling water for 10 minutes in boiling water.

This side has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, strengthening the bones and strengthening the bones, and is suitable for treating the waist and knee pain caused by kidney and yang deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, frequent urination and urgency, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cirrhosis.

Long-term wear has the effect of anti-aging and anti-aging, prolonging life.

  Walnut honey tea walnut kernel 10 grams, black tea 15 grams.

A total of fine into the end, add honey to the right amount of people in the cup of tea with boiling water can be served.

This side has the effect of warming the kidney and qi, filling Wangyang, stopping the legacy, and the effect of Xingyang. It is mostly used for men’s low sex, slippery premature ejaculation, and long-term impotence has good results.

  12 grams of Dodder Seed Tea, 3 grams of black tea.

First mash the dodder, add the amount of crystal sugar, brew in boiling water in the cup, after 10 minutes, you can drink.

This side has the effect of replenishing yin and yang, solidifying and refining the urine.

It can treat men’s infertility, low sexual intercourse and liver and kidney yang deficiency, and long-term service of this tea has the effect of eyesight, light body and longevity.

  15 grams of Yirenren tea puzzle, 3 grams of black tea.

First, the puzzle kernel: mash and tea together in a cup, boiling water for tea.

This side has the effect of warming the kidney and stopping the remains. It is used for the spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation caused by the lack of kidney under the kidney. The impotence is not lifted, the sexual desire is low, and the insomnia is upset.

  Shrimp rice tea shrimp 10 grams, black tea 3 grams.

Put the two in the same cup, drink in boiling water for 15 minutes and then drink.

Shrimp tea is a tea drink that fishermen love to drink. It has the effect of warming the kidney and strengthening the yang. It can treat impotence and smoothness, kidney deficiency and low back pain.

Shrimp tea is repeatedly soaked, light and tasteless, and can even be eaten with shrimp and tea.