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You are not the only one who has a lot of power, and you have a lot of power, and you have a lot of power, and you have to do it.In the Han Dynasty, there is no difference between the real world and the real world. The new frontier is a new one, and the new one is in the middle of the world.铏界劧濂藉悆锛屼絾鏄緢澶氫汉涓嶄細鑷繁鍒朵綔锛屽叾瀹炵墰瑙掗叆鐨勫仛娉曟槸闈炲父绠€鍗曠殑锛屽彧涓嶈繃澶у鏁颁汉骞虫椂鍙兘瀵逛簬缇庨骞舵病鏈夌粏缁嗙殑鐮旂┒锛岄偅鐗涜閰ョ殑鍒朵綔鏂规硶鏄粈涔堝憿?鐗涜閰ユ槸钁楀悕鐨勬硶寮忛叆鐐归潰鍖咃紝鍒朵綔杩囩▼澶嶆潅锛岄潰鍥笌鐗涙补闇€瑕佸弽瑕嗕氦鍙犳崗鍒躲€傜墰瑙掗叆鏄憲鍚嶇殑娉曞紡閰ョ偣闈㈠寘锛屽埗浣滆繃绋嬪鏉傦紝闈㈠洟涓庣墰娌归渶瑕佸弽瑕嗕氦鍙犳崗鍒讹紝鐩磋嚦涓€灞傚眰钖勮杽鐨勭墰娌逛笌闈㈠洟浜ら敊钀ラ€犻叆鑴嗘劅锛屽仛闈㈠寘涓€瀹氳澶熴€屾俯鏌斻€嶏紝涓嶈兘鐢ㄨ洰鍔涳紝鍚﹀垯闈㈠洟鍐呯殑绌烘皵琚繃鍒嗘尋鍘嬶紝浼氬奖鍝嶉潰鍥㈠彂閰佃啫鑳€锛屽埗鎴愬搧涓嶅鏉捐蒋锛屽ぇ澶х牬鍧忓彛鎰熴€傜墰瑙掗叆鐨勫埗浣滄柟娉曞師鏉愭枡闈㈠洟100鍏嬨€侀叆鐨潰100鍏嬨€侀浮铔嬮粍1涓€傚仛娉?銆佸皢闈㈠洟鎿€钖勶紝鍒囨垚姊舰;2銆佸彇25鍏嬮叆鐨潰鎼撴垚鏉″舰锛屾斁鍦ㄦ褰㈠簳閮紝鐢ㄩ潰鐨皢閰ラ潰鍗疯捣;3銆佹崗绱т袱澶村墏鍙o紝鍒舵垚鐗涜褰紝鍧囧寑鎵笂涓€灞傝泲榛勬恫;鏀惧叆What is it?00? Nothing?50鈩冪倝娓╃儰10鍒嗛挓锛屽嵆鍙彇鍑恒€傛彁绀哄嵎涔嬪墠瑕佸厛灏嗘褰㈠簳閮ㄧ◢鎷夐暱涓€涓嬨€傛剰澶у埄鐗涜閰ョ殑鍋氭硶鏉愭枡楂樼瓔闈㈢矇398鍏厠锛屼綆绛嬮潰绮?71鍏厠锛岄€熼叺姣?5 toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets and toilets.7 鍏 Toilet: What is it?3 Toilet 屽 ザ 娌?8 toilets, 9 toilets, 263 toilets, 3 toilets, 1 toilet.灏嗗ザ娌广€佽9鍏ユ补涔嬪鐨勬潗鏂欏叏閮ㄦ斁鍏ユ悈鎷岀几涓紝浠ユ參閫熸悈鎷岃嚦鎴愬洟锛屽啀鍔犲叆濂舵补浠ヤ腑閫熸悈鎷岃嚦鍏夋粦銆?.Haochao?闱 ㈠ 洟 浠 Yu 旱 ㈡ 鏉 紑 紑 Tweezers pets 9 葏 lementary?鍊嶅ぇ锛屾斁鍏ヨ9鍏ユ补鍖呭ソ鍐嶆潌寮€锛屽皢2绔姌鍚戜腑澶悗鍐嶆潌寮€锛岄噸澶嶆姌鍚戜腑澶笌鏉嗗紑鐨勫姩浣滃叡3娆″悗锛岀洊涓婂寘椴滆啘闈欑疆鏉惧紱绾?5 闒 嗛 抓 銆?.What’s the matter?This is the best way to do it. The best way to do it is to do it. The best way to do it is to do it. Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?灏嗕袱绔暣褰㈡垚鐗涜鐘躲€?.Haochao?鎺掑叆鐑ょ洏涓紝琛ㄩ潰鎾掍笂灏戣楂樼瓔闈㈢矇锛岀Щ鍏ラ鐑ソ鐨勭儰绠变腑锛屼互涓婄伀200鈩冦€佷笅鐏?80鈩冪儤鐑ょ害10鍒嗛挓锛屽彇鍑哄嵆鍙€?

[Can you eat onions for a cold_Can you eat onions for a cold]

[Can you eat onions for a cold_Can you eat onions for a cold]

Some people are particularly fond of eating onions. They think that onions are crispy and delicious, but some people can’t stand the taste of onions. They rarely eat onions. In fact, onions look very ordinary, but their nutritional value is very high. Colds are common diseases.Most people usually take medicine to treat colds, and some people are reluctant to take medicine, but they will use food therapy to relieve the cold. Is it better to eat onions for a cold?

Can you eat onions for a cold?

You can eat onions for colds.

You can eat onions for colds. Onions have the effect of spreading cold, because onion bulbs and leaves contain an oily volatile substance called cholesterol sulfide, which has a spicy taste. This substance can resist cold and resist influenza virus.Strong bactericidal effect.

Onions are nutritious and spicy.

It can stimulate the secretion of the stomach, intestines and digestive glands, increase appetite, promote digestion, and eliminate abnormalities of onions. Its essential oil contains a mixture of sulfur compounds that can reduce oral administration. It can be used to treat indigestion, loss of appetite, and stop of food.
What kind of people can’t eat onions 1.

People with bad eyes ca n’t eat too much if their eyes are not very good, like onions, onions, and garlic, because onions contain certain substances and are not good for the eyes.


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people with yin deficiency or hyperthermia constitution have a spicy onion taste and are sexually hot, so those with yin deficiency or hyperthermia constitution should eat less.


Kidney patients recommend that kidney patients eat less onions. If you really want to eat them, cut the onions and put them on the faucet for 10 minutes to flush out the mineral phosphorus in the onions.

Because too much phosphorus intake will increase the burden on the kidneys of the human body, for some diabetic patients, we recommend that you wash the onion with water before eating it.

How to cut onions without tears 1.

Cut the onion in running water to control the volatilization of the gas in the onion.


Put the onions in the refrigerator before cutting them, refrigerate them, remove them after 5-10 minutes, and cut them. The pungent odor will evaporate less, and you won’t shed tears when you cut them again.


If you don’t go into the refrigerator, remove the head and tail of the onion, cut it in half and soak it in cold water for 10 minutes.


Set the microwave a bit, and the skin will go well, and it will not cry when cut.


Dip the onion in hot water for 3 minutes before cutting it.


Showing goggles cut onion

[How to cut pomegranate is convenient]_How to cut_How to cut

[How to cut pomegranate is convenient]_How to cut_How to cut

Pomegranate is difficult to peel off, and today we recommend a simple and fast method of peeling pomegranate.

How to cut pomegranate is convenient and see how easy it is to peel pomegranate so that eating pomegranate is no longer a hassle.

First wash the skin of the pomegranate, then cut off the top and bottom fruit pieces of the pomegranate.

Estimate the depth of the cut.

Try not to hurt the pomegranate seeds inside, but you can see some pomegranate seeds and clear point boundaries.

1. The tapping method. As the name suggests, the tapping method is to tap with something, but instead of holding the pomegranate casually, you can first convert the pomegranate from the cross-scratch knife to a deeper hole.Take a bowl and gently tap the skin of the pomegranate with a spoon that keeps the rice, and slowly the pomegranate pulp will fall into the bowl.

2. Some people may ask what is the split method. In fact, it is very simple. Just like oranges, divide the pomegranate into several petals. Use a knife to cut off the top of the pomegranate, cut a little more, and then add the pomegranate.Cut the white valve into the mouth, do not cut too deep, and then open it directly. Remember to take the bowl and then, basically the pomegranate pulp can slowly fall off. This method is relatively easy to operate and is highly recommended.

3. There is another way to enter the water. It is to enter the water. Wash a pomegranate and cut it into two halves. Use a clean basin to fill some clean water. Then peel the pomegranate in the water.It is broken, and it is also relatively simple. After peeling, drain off water and impurities.

4, small reminder Although pomegranate has high nutritional value and has many benefits to human health, it is not good to eat too much, and pomegranate juice is difficult to wash off if you get clothes, so pay attention when eating pomegranate.

Improve the method of peeling pomegranates: Step 1: First use a knife on the pomegranate mouth, which has small petals. Gently make a circle until it cuts through the pomegranate skin. The cut pomegranate skin can be used like a small box.Choke up.

Turn left | Turn right Step two: Open the pomegranate mouth in step 1, and then find the pale yellow fragment inside the pomegranate, and then cut the knife according to this alternative position, starting from the insertion point, and swipe to the bottom of the pomegranate,If you have a few coaxial lines, draw a few knives.

Turn left | Turn right Step three: Next, look at the cross-section of the pomegranate after cutting the pomegranate mouth. You can see that there is a light yellow peel in the center of the cross-face, and then cut it with a knife.

Turn left | Turn right Step four: After digging the yellow peel in the center of the opposite side of the pomegranate, you can use the knife marks in step 2 to pierce the pomegranate one by one, and peel off the film wrapped on the outside.The crystal clear pomegranate seeds were all exposed.

Turn left | turn right

[How to eat delicious Yang He]

娲嬭嵎灞炰簬濮滅妞嶇墿锛屽氨鏄拰鑰佸涓€涓被鍨嬬殑锛屽ぇ澶氱敓闀垮湪闃存殫娼箍鐨勭幆澧冿紝鎵€浠ヤ竴鑸兘鏄啘鏉戝眿妾愮殑瑙掕惤澶勬牻鍩广€傛磱鑽烽暱鎴愬悗鎴愭壒閿ュ舰锛屼富瑕佺殑鍔熸晥鏄竻鐑笅鐏紝瀹冪殑鍋氭硶鍏跺疄骞朵笉澶氾紝姣旇緝鐨勫崟璋冿紝灏辨槸鍑夋媽鍜岀倰鐫€鍚冿紝瀹冪殑鍛抽亾涔熸瘮杈冪殑濂囩壒锛屾湁浜哄枩娆㈠氨鏈変汉鏃犳硶閫傚簲涓嶇埍鍚冦€傦紙1锛夋磱鑽蜂竴鑸寚闃宠嵎锛岄槼鑽峰張鍚嶏細鐧借槝鑽枫€侀噹濮溿€侀噹鑹绛夛紝灞炶姯钑夌洰锛屽绉戞鐗┿€傞槼鑽峰垎甯冨洓宸濄€佽吹宸炪€佸箍瑗裤€佹箹鍖椼€佹箹鍗椼€佹睙瑗裤€佸箍涓滐紱鐢熶簬鏋楄崼涓嬨€佹邯杈癸紝娴锋嫈300-1900绫炽€傞槼鑽锋槸閲庣敓钄彍銆佺粡鍙楁伓鍔g殑鐜纾ㄧ偧銆佺敓鍛芥瀬寮猴紝鍩烘湰涓婃棤鐥呰櫕瀹筹紝鏍规湰鏃犻』浣跨敤鍐滆嵂銆傞槼鑽峰惈鏈夊绉嶆皑鍩洪吀銆佽泲鐧借川鍜屼赴瀵岀殑绾ょ淮绱狅紝鍏锋湁杈冮珮鐨勮嵂鐢ㄤ环鍊笺€傛湁娲昏璋冪粡銆侀晣鍜崇鐥般€佹秷鑲胯В姣掋€佹秷绉仴鑳冪瓑鍔熸晥锛屽娌荤枟渚跨銆佺硸灏跨梾鏈夌壒鏁堬紝鍏锋湁杈冮珮鐨勮嵂鐢ㄤ环鍊笺€傚彲鍏ヨ彍锛岃厡鍒堕鍛崇嫭浣筹紝涔熷彲鏂伴矞灏忕倰銆傦紙2锛夋牚楂?-1.5 劫 堂 璙 Sining to use the following methods: the chain of wells is very effective, and the effect is very good. It ‘s a good thing.5-35 鈡 擼 堽 3-6 铡 漼 堄 “廔  叿 珏 遏 擏 駽 熀 閮 ㄦ 畎 镫  纴 鍙 鍙 獙 僕 姜 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姕 姣 姕0 nick 0.8-1.2 What is the back and forth?瑁傦紝鑶滆川锛岄暱4-7姣背锛屽叿瑜愯壊鏉$汗銆傛€昏姳姊楅暱1-5-2鍘樼背锛堟垨鏈夋椂鏇撮暱锛Loud?-3 鰋 梶 碁 盗 囷 呷 呺 刭 戝 嵉 変  纴 瑻 炖 廖 ㈣ 壊 ㈣ 壊 姽 ア 鍗 3.5-5: Do you have a back-to-back look?What’s the matter? Do you mean it? Do you mean it? $ 槠 鑧 诧 纴 闀?-6 咡 樼 back adv   back to the nickname 嗦 嗙 姸 鎶  拡 褰  纴 闀?-3.5 銡 戼 柠 槠 駠 黨 廨 嶨 嶅 嶅 嶅 囮 壊 姾 湁 绱 炱  鑹 滔 绾 绾 绂 鍞 囩 囚 雚 掑 嵉 夰 睮 纴 痀 闀?.Back to the snail 2.6 铡 漼 Back to 駾 祬 璱 炥 壊 姼 晶 瑁 哖 哖 哖 哖 哖 門 雜 間 5 姣  背: 撜 姳 璜 逇 逭 鐭 酭  纴 綺 嵂 瀹 ゆ 姄 駄 駲 駲。5 铡 樼 back admits that there is no one in the world.5 铡 樼 銆 傝 傝 挻 揈 曈 ニ 3.5鍘樼背锛岀啛鏃跺紑瑁傛垚3鐡o紝鍐呮灉鐨孩鑹诧紱绉嶅瓙榛戣壊锛岃鐧借壊鍋囩鐨€傝姳鏈燂細7-9 chain tortoise?-11鏈堛€傞矞鐐掓磱鑽峰鐨勫仛娉曪細锛堜竴锛夋磱鑽峰鍓ュ幓澶栭潰鐨勪竴灞傦紝 宸茬粡鏅惧共姘村垎澶囩敤锛侊紙浜岋級閿呯儳鐑€掑叆閫傞噺鐨勬补锛屾斁鍏ョ敓濮滐紝鑺辨锛岃挏鐡o紙涓夛級鏀惧叆鍒囧ソ鐨勬磱鑽峰锛岃荆妞掔炕鐐掔墖鍒伙紙鍥涳級璧烽攨鏃舵斁鍏ヤ竴鍕洪浮绮捐皟鍛冲嵆鍙?

[Can milk be expiring soon?】 _How to drink_How to drink

澶у閮界煡閬撳枬鐗涘ザ鐨勮澶氬ソ澶勶紝鏈€鏄庢樉鐨勫ソ澶勬槸琛ラ挋锛屽彟澶栬繕鍙互琛ュ厖铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ瓑绛夛紝鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑锛屽緢澶氫汉鍠濈墰濂朵細姣旇緝闅忔剰锛屾瘮濡傛湁浜涗汉鏃╀笂璧峰簥鍚庣┖鑵瑰枬鐗涘ザ锛岃繖鏍风殑鍋氭硶鑲畾鏄敊璇殑锛屽枬鐗涘ザ鏈€濂界殑鏂规硶鏄鍚庡枬锛屽彟澶栫墰濂剁殑淇濊川鏈熶竴鑸兘涓嶄細寰堥暱锛屾墍浠ヨ喘涔扮墰濂剁殑鏃跺€欎竴瀹氳璁ょ湡鐪嬩繚璐ㄦ湡锛岄偅涔堝揩杩囨湡浜嗙殑鐗涘ザ杩樺彲浠ュ枬鍚楋紵鐗涘ザ蹇繃鏈熶簡鑳藉枬鍚楋紵濡傛灉鎰熷畼鍒ゆ柇娌℃湁闂鐨勮瘽锛岀墰濂惰繕鏄彲浠ュ枬鐨勩€備竴鑸潵璇达紝椋熷搧鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡鏄鍝佺殑鏈€浣抽鐢ㄦ湡銆傝韩浣撳仴搴风殑骞磋交浜哄鏋滈鐢ㄤ簡鍒氳繃淇濊川鏈熺殑椋熷搧鍙兘浼氭病鏈変笉鑹弽搴旓紝鑰岃韩浣撶姸鍐垫湰鏉ュ氨涓嶅ソ鐨勪汉锛屽鑰佷汉銆佺梾浜虹瓑锛屽悆浜嗚繃淇濊川鏈熺殑椋熷搧鍙兘浼氬嚭鐜版瘮杈冩槑鏄剧殑鍙嶅簲銆傞鍝佺殑淇濊川鏈熻繕涓庨鍝佺殑璐湡鏉′欢瀵嗗垏鐩稿叧锛屾湁鐨勯渶瑕佸父娓╀繚瀛樸€佹湁鐨勯渶瑕佸喎钘忚串瀛樻垨閬垮厜淇濆瓨銆傚鏋滄秷璐硅€呰喘涔板悗锛岃兘澶熸彁楂樹竴涓爣鍑嗕繚瀛橈紝姣斿甯告俯淇濆瓨鐨勯鍝佸湪鍐疯棌鏉′欢淇濆瓨锛屽叾淇濊川鏈熶細鐣ユ湁寤堕暱銆傚欢闀跨殑鏃堕棿鍜屽晢鍝佺殑绉嶇被鐩稿叧锛屾瘮濡傚父娓╀繚瀛?╃ 搑 搗 涘 ザ ヶ 国 雋 雎 钎 逎 逎 逎 綎 鍎  Huan Huan collapsed in the end?2澶╋紝瀵硅韩浣撳仴搴风殑浜哄奖鍝嶄笉澶с€傚鏋滄槸缁?宀佸強浠ヤ笅骞煎効鍠濈殑鐗涘ザ锛屽嵆浣垮埌浜嗕繚璐ㄦ湡杩樻病鍧忥紝閮戒笉瑕佸啀缁欏瀛愬枬浜嗐€傚洜涓虹墰濂堕噷鎴栧鎴栧皯鏈変竴浜涚粏鑿岋紝杩欎簺缁嗚弻瀵瑰厤鐤姏寮虹殑澶т汉鍙兘鏋勪笉鎴愪粈涔堝▉鑳侊紝浣嗗瀛愮殑鑲犺儍浠嶇劧铏氬急锛屽厤鐤姏浣庝笅锛屾渶濂界粰瀛╁瓙鍠濊繕鍦ㄤ繚璐ㄦ湡鍐呯殑鐗涘ザ銆傞鍏堥€氳繃鎰熷畼杩涜鍒ゆ柇锛屽鏋滄劅瀹樺垽鏂病鏈夐棶棰樼殑璇濓紝鐗涘ザ杩樻槸鍙互鍠濈殑銆備竴鑸競鍦轰笂璐╁崠鐨勭墰濂跺湪淇濊川鏈熺殑鍒跺畾涓婁负骞垮ぇ鐨勬秷璐硅€呯暀鏈夐€€璺紝濡傛灉涔板埌浜嗕竴鐡朵繚璐ㄦ湡涓?敶 ╃ 搗 涘 ザ Adopting that the crucible is the same as the platform, and it ‘s the same as the one on the table?0澶╋紝鐗涘ザ涓嶅彲鑳界湡鐨勪竴鍒颁繚璐ㄦ湡鏈熼檺鐨勯偅涓€澶╁氨绐佺劧鍧忔帀銆傚洜姝わ紝濡傛灉鐗涘ザ鍒颁簡淇濊川鏈熺殑鏈熼檺锛屼絾鏄粠鍚勬劅瀹樿繘琛屽垽鏂兘娌℃湁鍙樿川锛岄偅涔堢墰濂惰繕鏄彲浠ユ斁蹇冮ギ鐢ㄧ殑銆傚鏋滆繃浜嗗洓浜斿ぉ浜嗭紝铏界劧娌℃湁鍙樿川锛屼絾钀ュ吇浠峰€间篃鎵€鍓╂棤鍑犱簡锛岃繖涓椂鍊欐渶濂藉氨鍒枬浜嗐€傚彟澶栵紝濡傛灉鏄粰2宀佸強浠ヤ笅骞煎効鍠濈殑鐗涘ザ锛屽嵆浣垮埌浜嗕繚璐ㄦ湡杩樻病鍧忥紝閮戒笉瑕佸啀缁欏瀛愬枬浜嗐€傚洜涓虹墰濂堕噷鎴栧鎴栧皯鏈変竴浜涚粏鑿岋紝杩欎簺缁嗚弻瀵瑰厤鐤姏寮虹殑澶т汉鍙兘鏋勪笉鎴愪粈涔堝▉鑳侊紝浣嗗瀛愮殑鑲犺儍浠嶇劧铏氬急锛屽厤鐤姏浣庝笅锛屼负浜嗕笉寮曡捣澶氫綑鐨勫仴搴锋崯瀹筹紝鏈€濂界粰畛 ╁ 瓙 锽 漮 獮 鍦 ㄤ 缭 璐 ㄦ 湡 鍐 呯 殑 鐗 涘 ザ 銆?

Yunda Co., Ltd. (002120): Market share is further enhanced, single ticket revenue is reduced, cost reduction is maintained, and competitive advantages are maintained

Yunda Co., Ltd. (002120): Market share is further enhanced, single ticket revenue is reduced, cost reduction is maintained, and competitive advantages are maintained
Event: Yunda announced the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 155 in the first half of the year.5.4 billion, an annual increase of 163.51%; net profit attributable to mother 12.96 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.60%, net of non-attributed net profit11.870,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.46%; basic return is 0.58 yuan / share, an increase of 20 in ten years.83%. Comments: 1.The business volume has maintained rapid growth, and the market share has continued to increase. In recent years, the rapid development of the e-commerce industry and the express delivery industry has maintained rapid growth in the national express business volume.In the first half of 2019, the business volume of national express delivery service companies gradually completed 277.600 million pieces, an annual increase of 25.7%.Among them, Yunda completed a business volume of 43.3.4 billion votes, an increase of 44 in ten years.71% higher than the industry average growth rate of 19pct, and the express market share increased by 2.06pct to 15.62%, express delivery business volume growth in line with expectations. 2.Significant results have been achieved in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and the cost advantage has continued to strengthen.540,000 yuan, an increase of 163 in ten years.51%.Among them, the courier service business income was 142.830,000 yuan, an increase of 174 in ten years.24%, mainly due to the impact of the adjustment of the distribution revenue model and the rapid growth of e-commerce express delivery business.At the same time, under the role of steady growth in the express delivery business and continuous cost control, the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of 2019.96 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.60%, net of non-attributed net profit11.870,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.46%.In addition, after the impact of the company’s alternative payment fees in the first half of 2019, the decline in single ticket revenue decreased. At the same time, the company has continuously improved its routing routes, increased the proportion of “straight-through”, reduced transit intervals, increased investment in automation equipment, improved operating efficiency, reduced operating marginal costs, and increased scale effects and cost advantages, constantly consolidating its “moat”. 3.The refined management continuously improves the service experience, the network construction is further improved, and the company, as a representative of the “joining system” courier company, adheres to scientific and technological innovation and refined strategies in operation management, and constantly optimizes the trunk network and refines product classification.At the same time, the company continuously improves management performance and service experience.In the first half of 2019, the company’s monthly effective implantation was 0.06 (per million pieces), a decrease of 96% per year, and efficient processing of a satisfactory rearrangement of 99.58%, leading the industry.In addition, in the first half of 2019, the number of company outlets reached 30070, an increase of 15% from the beginning of the year, and the coverage rate of cities above the county level has reached 95.45%, the nation’s network construction has been further strengthened, which will help channel sink and business expansion. 4.Investment suggestion: It is expected that Yunda’s annual express business volume in 2019 will continue to maintain a high growth. Relying on excellent cost control capabilities and fine management of the operating network, the cost advantage will continue to be maintained.At the same time, through the continuous promotion of science and technology promotion, the continuous improvement of the automation level, the continuous improvement of the cost end, we are optimistic about the company’s future development potential. It is expected that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 322.310,000 yuan, 424.280,000 yuan, 527.00 ppm, net profit 28.880,000 yuan, 34.690,000 yuan, 41.65 trillion, corresponding to 29.08 times, 24.23 times, 20.21 times.Maintain the “Recommended” level. Risk warning: the price war 杭州桑拿 is intensified, the cost exceeds expectations, the e-commerce market is developing less than expected, the rebates are higher than expected, labor costs are rising, and the outlets are out of stock.

Jianyou Shares (603707) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Heparin API + Domestic Preparations Boost High Growth

Jianyou Shares (603707) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Heparin API + Domestic Preparations Boost High Growth

Jianyou shares released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report.

2018: The company achieved operating revenue of 1.7 billion (YOY + 52.

81%); net profit attributable to mothers4.

250 thousand yuan (+35 compared with the same period last year).

11%); Realize net profit deducted from non-attribution4.

110 thousand yuan (+34 compared with the same period last year).


2019Q1: The company achieved operating income6.

100,000 yuan (+40 compared to the same period last year).

02%); achieve net profit attributable to mother 1.

4.9 billion (+ 22% YoY).

28%); net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers1.

4.4 billion (+ 25% year-on-year.


Heparin raw material medicines + domestic preparations promote high growth performance, and the increase in heparin raw material prices + sales expense growth affects the growth of net profit.

In terms of segments, the company’s standard heparin APIs achieved revenue in 201811.

8.4 billion (+ 28% YoY).

83%), domestic revenues3.

5.8 billion (YOY + 228.

72%), foreign agents achieved zero revenue.

4.1 billion (+14 compared to the same period last year).

96%), CDMO achieved zero revenue.

920,000 yuan (+161 compared with the same period last year).

twenty four%).

The gross profit margin of heparin raw materials decreased due to the continuous rise in the price of crude heparin, the upstream raw material.

10pc and sales expenses increased by 427 in ten years.

The 34% drag on net profit growth was significantly lower than revenue growth.

Under the influence of classical swine fever, high-quality heparin raw materials have certain resources, and the trend of rising volume and price is expected to continue.

In 2018, the company’s heparin API sales increased by 7.

03%, the price increased by 20 year-on-year.


According to data from the General Administration of Customs, the average export price of heparin in December 2018 was 6,156.

14 US dollars / thousand tons, an increase of 26 in ten years.

87%, gradual export volume reached 205 in 2018.

18 tons, an increase of 10 in ten years.

67%, the heparin raw material market continues to show a good trend of rising volume and price.

Under the influence of swine fever, high-quality crude heparin and high-quality APIs produced from the raw materials have certain resources, and the company, as the world’s most important supplier of high-quality heparin APIs, and the only part of the country that supplies heparin in large quantitiesOne of the API companies has also passed the US FDA on-site inspection and EU CEP certification. Through supplementary product quality advantages, the trend of heparin bulk drug prices rising is expected to continue.

The sharp increase in sales expense ratio led to an increase in the proportion of three expenses.The company’s selling expenses in 2018 were 2.

4.8 billion (+427 compared to the same period last year).

34%), the sales expense ratios from 2018Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q4, and 2019Q1 were 6, respectively.

93%, 12.

80%, 13.

41%, 26.

14%, 11.

Looking at 30%, although the sales expense ratio in 2018Q4 doubled compared to 2018Q3, the actual sales expenses in 2018 accounted for 14% of revenue.

59%, which is still at the short-term level in the same industry and has declined in the 南京桑拿网 first quarter of 2019.

The three fees (plus research and development expenses) accounted for the total proportion.

70%, an increase of 7 per year.

82 points.

Creating a low-molecular-weight heparin preparation business has become a new growth point of performance.

The company is the only domestic manufacturer of low-molecular-weight heparin preparations (enoxaparin sodium, nadroparin calcium, dalteparin sodium) that has three types of low-molecular-weight heparin preparations business development.With its advantages in procurement and raw material supply, low-molecular-weight heparin preparations are expected to become one of the new performance growth points for EDQM-certified heparin raw material drug manufacturers, which will simultaneously develop and consolidate their market position in domestic and foreign low-molecular-weight heparin preparations.

We expect the company’s operating income for 19/20/21 to be 24.



7.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 5.



70 ppm with a budget benefit of 1.



94 yuan, corresponding to 29/21/16 times the earnings rate of the market, given an “overweight” rating.

[Risk Tips]The price of heparin raw materials is lower than expected; the price of crude upstream heparin is too high, which causes the cost to rise faster; the sales of low molecular weight heparin preparations are lower than expected;

Zhaoyan New Pharmaceuticals (603127) Annual Report Review 18: New production capacity sustains rapid growth and new business opens up room for growth

Zhaoyan New Pharmaceuticals (603127) Annual Report Review 18: New production capacity sustains rapid growth and new business opens up room for growth

Event: The company released its 18-year annual report and initially realized revenue4.

0.9 billion, net profit attributable to mothers1.

0.8 billion, operating cash flow1.

7.6 billion, an annual increase of 36%, 42%, 43%, in line with market expectations.

Opinion: Steady performance and high growth.

The company’s 18H1, 18Q1-3, and 18 arrived at the non-returned mother’s net profit extension growth rate of 82%, 52%, 37%, respectively, have declined, we believe that the company’s income adjustment progress in 18 years.

Generally, 深圳spa会所 when the order execution time is entered, the company will receive 30-70% in advance.

In the case of full production capacity, the annual growth rate of prepayments in 18 years was still as high as 27%, and the breakthrough in capacity breakthrough was gradually transferred. The company’s 19-year performance continued to grow at a high probability.

Benefiting from the tide of domestic innovation, the company has full orders on hand, and Suzhou’s new production capacity is about to be put into production.

After 25 years of accumulation, the company has become a “golden signboard” in the field of domestic drug safety evaluation, fully benefiting from the tide of domestic innovation.

By the end of 18, the company had full orders on hand, reaching 800 million.

The company has two animal houses, totaling 1.

820,000 square meters, too tight production capacity.

Expected Suzhou 1.

The new production capacity of 10,000 square meters was completed in January 19th, and it is expected to be put into use in April 19th.

Our rough estimate, coupled with new production capacity, will expand and support the company’s rapid growth in the next three years, and the revenue volume is expected to reach 800 million to 1 billion.

Extend downstream to open the growing ceiling.

Relying on the customer resources transformed by drug evaluation, the company is gradually extending downstream: 1) Clinical Phase 1: The company invested in the construction of a clinical center in Taicang, Suzhou, and undertakes the clinical phase 1.

The center has 100-120 beds and is expected to be used in the second half of 19 years; 2) Pharmacovigilance: The company entered the field of pharmacovigilance services through the establishment of Zhaoyan Mingxun, providing chemical pharmacovigilance for drug R & D, drug manufacturers and market licensorsTechnical services, including software sales, data statistical analysis, etc., have completed the development of the software platform, and the business has started to contribute revenue for 18 years.

Profit forecast and investment rating: As a “golden signboard” for drug safety evaluation, the company has a large number of orders in hand, which translates into 19 years of new capacity and production, and its performance will continue to grow rapidly.

Taking into account that new business still needs to be invested in the early stage, we slightly lower the EPS forecast for 19 and 20 to 1.


74 yuan (was 1).


78 yuan), the new forecast for the 21-year EPS is 2.

26 yuan, an increase of 38% / 34% / 30% each year. The current price corresponds to 49/37/28 times the PE of 19-21. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: Enterprise R & D investment is less than expected; new production capacity is less than expected; competition is intensifying.

Jiajiayue (603708) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Non-Jiaodong Region Revenue Increases Rapidly and Costs are Managed Properly

Jiajiayue (603708) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Non-Jiaodong Region Revenue Increases Rapidly and Costs are Managed Properly

Event: On April 29, 2019, Jiajiayue released the quarterly report for 19 years, and the company achieved operating income of 38 in Q1 2019.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 16 per year.

68%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company1.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 16.


Basic income is 0.

30 yuan, in line with our expectations.

Comments: The report is bound to open 12 new stores.

The company opened 12 new stores, including 6 hypermarkets, 3 general supermarkets, 1 department stores, and 2 other specialty stores such as Baby Yue; on the report date of merger, Zhangjiakou Fuyuexiang Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd.’s consolidated consolidated statement has opened stores11; three stores were reported to be closed gradually. The closing of the store was due to the relocation of the store, the termination of the contract, and the failure to meet the expectations for three reasons.

At the end of the reporting period, the company had a total of 752 stores.

It is reported that 13 first-tier companies have signed new stores, and the expected delivery date is 2019.

Non-Jiaodong area revenue grew rapidly.

By region, the company’s Jiaodong area achieved revenue of 29.

65 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.

5%; non-Jiaodong area realized revenue 5.

2.1 billion, an annual increase of 50.


In terms of different formats, the hypermarket format realized revenue16.

96 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

84%; integrated supermarket format realized revenue 1武汉夜生活网6.

7.6 billion, an annual increase of 6.

53%; department store business realized zero revenue.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

69%; the convenience store format realized revenue of 770 million, an annual increase of 85.

91%; Specialty store format achieved zero revenue.

66 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


Gross profit margin increased by 0 compared with the same period last year.

3 units.

In Q1 2019, the company’s gross profit margin was 21.

78%, an increase of 0 a year.

24 units.

By region, the gross profit margin of Jiaodong increased by 0.

3 up to 17.

98%, non-Jiaodong region gross margin fell by 0.

37 up to 17.


The gross profit margin of Jiaodong area is still any non-Jiaodong area.In terms of different business types, the gross profit margins of hypermarkets, 上海夜网论坛 general supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, and specialty stores increased by 0.



36 / -0.


95 units.

The three fees are flat compared to last year.

Q1 2019 company selling expenses 14.

94%, relatively flat compared to 2018; administrative expenses1.

95%, reducing by 0 every year.

16 units; financial expenses 0.

09%, a year to raise 0.

51 units.

The company was consolidated in Qingdao Wiki in 2018 and Fuyuexiang in Q1 in 2019, but the three fees were generally the same as last year, and the expenses were well controlled.

Earnings forecast and rating: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

9.7 billion, 5.

6.6 billion, 6.

3.5 billion; according to the company’s current 4.

Calculated on the total share capital of 6.8 billion shares, the diluted earnings are 1 respectively.

06 yuan, 1.

21 yuan, 1.

36 yuan.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk factors: Consumption recovery is not up to expectations, store expansion is not up to expectations, same-store growth.

Phoenix Media (601928): Book fragrance Phoenix and real creatures

Phoenix Media (601928): Book fragrance Phoenix and real creatures

Investment advice Phoenix Media is a comprehensive publishing and media giant located in Jiangsu, an education province.

Since its listing, the company has actively expanded its business, increased the speed of business upgrades, and achieved rapid revenue growth.

However, in the course of business expansion, the company also encountered the contradiction between some projects with poor returns. The textbook teaching and auxiliary business also faced unfavorable factors such as intensified market competition, rising paper prices, and the new policy of the three departments.

In the face of new possibilities and challenges, the company focused on teaching and supporting business of textbooks, optimized the layout of the cultural ecosystem, improved operating capabilities, profitability became healthy, and the proportion of dividends rose.

Maintain outperform industry rating and target price of 10 yuan.

Reasons From the perspective of industry development trends, the book industry has grown steadily, and the proportion of sales volume of teaching aids has increased steadily.

In the early period, the book publishing and distribution industry maintained steady growth, and the proportion of teaching aids in teaching materials increased steadily.

Phoenix Media is located in Jiangsu Province. The steady growth of the number of K12 students in the school constitutes the basic structure of the company’s textbook teaching and auxiliary business. Jiangsu’s rich educational resources and strong education 杭州桑拿网 alternatives provide guarantee for the development of textbook teaching and auxiliary business.

Judging from the business budget, the company’s revenue continued to grow and its profitability improved.

1) In the long run, benefiting from the regional demographic dividend, the company’s textbook teaching and supplementary business demand is strong; in the short term, the company’s cooperation with Renjiao Co., Ltd. has expanded the province’s textbook market, and Jiangsu’s textbook price increases have increased the textbook teaching supplementary profitability.

2) The company’s high-level business structure adjustment effect is remarkable. By repeating businesses with poor profitability and focusing on areas with strong coordination effects, the cultural ecosystem business has become clearer.

From the perspective of 杭州桑拿 operators, the company’s operating efficiency has been enhanced, asset quality has been optimized, and the dividend ratio is expected to maintain a high level.

The company reorganized its business structure and reduced costs and increased efficiency through personnel optimization and online ERP system; meanwhile, the risk of goodwill was basically released.

We believe that refocusing on the main business and improving operating capabilities will improve the cash flow situation and increase the proportion of dividends to maintain a high level.

Earnings forecasts and estimates Taking into account the increase in government subsidies and investment income, and the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020 on the physical bookstore business, we lower our profit forecast for 2019/2010.

1% / 11.

5% to 14.


7.6 billion yuan; new date 2021 17.

One million yuan profit forecast.

We maintain our Outperform rating and currently expect 12/11 times PE in 2020/21.

The company’s main business is stable, the asset-liability ratio is low, and the dividend ratio is high and stable. Based on the comprehensive DCF estimation and relative estimation method, the target price of 10 yuan is maintained, corresponding to 16/2020.

1 times PE, there are 38.

1% upside.

The risk textbook teaching aid pricing policy changes, changes in cooperation with Renjiao Club, the cultural mall operation is less than expected, the impairment of potential goodwill may accrue or affect profits, the development of smart education business is slow, and the epidemic affects physical bookstore operations beyond expectations.