Nourishing and nourishing in autumn

Nourishing and nourishing in autumn

A cold autumn rain, with the arrival of several rains, autumn cold is also approaching.
Autumn cold is easy to hurt the lungs, and porridge has the effect of dryness and moisturizing the lungs. Porridge is a kind of love that comforts people.
Its light and long taste is often a concern for the wandering in a foreign land.
The Chinese love to drink porridge, which may be the quietness and warmth of the porridge.
Porridge can not only warm people’s hearts, but also go to dry good products in autumn. The motherland medicine believes that dryness is the main force of autumn. If you don’t pay attention, people will suffer from dryness and evil, and there will be dry and hot symptoms such as dry mouth, dry cough and innocence.
Properly eat porridge, you can stomach and spleen, lungs and fluid, nourishing yin and dryness.
When cooking porridge, properly add foods such as pears, radishes, sesame seeds, etc., which are more beneficial to lungs and moisturizing.
Here are five simple and nourishing porridges recommended for readers.
Pear porridge: 2 pears, washed and even chopped with a belt core, plus 100 grams of glutinous rice, and boiled porridge.
Because pear has a good moisturizing effect, it is used as a health food for eating porridge.
Chestnut porridge: 50 grams of chestnuts, 100 grams of glutinous rice and boiled porridge.
Because chestnuts have a good effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the gluten, and promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding, it is especially suitable for the elderly with low back pain and joint pain.
Sesame porridge: 50 grams of sesame seeds and 100 grams of glutinous rice. Stir fry the sesame seeds first, and grind them into fine powder. After the glutinous rice is cooked, mix with sesame seeds.
Suitable for constipation, lung dry cough, dizziness, eating.
Carrot porridge: Stir the carrots with sesame oil, add 100 grams of glutinous rice and boiled porridge.
Because carrots contain carotene, the body can be converted into vitamin A after ingestion, suitable for people with dry skin and dry lips.
Chrysanthemum porridge: 60 grams of chrysanthemum, 100 grams of glutinous rice, first chrysanthemum decoction, and then boiled into porridge.
Because of its dispersing wind heat, clearing liver fire, eyesight and other effects, it has a good therapeutic effect on autumn wind-heat type cold, upset throat, red eyes and swelling.
At the same time, it also has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Tofu milk makes you quickly flat on the 3rd

Tofu milk makes you quickly flat on the 3rd

Canfu + milk can lose weight?

This is true, and both samples contain high levels of nutrients, which can have slimming effects if used properly.

  Tofu milk soup: 3 days quick-acting flat stomach like to make ordinary tofu soup, put the tofu in the milk (boiled with milk to prevent the dry pot), wait for the boiling, according to your own taste, if the condiment can be eaten.

  Tofu Milk Soup Milk – To get the benefits of drinking milk, you must control the total energy, and reduce the intake of other foods while drinking more milk, especially those with low nutritional value and high heat, such as sweet.Beverages, desserts, sweets, puffed foods, jelly, cold skins and high-fat foods, appropriate reduction of dinner staples to ensure a small balance.

  If you drink milk between meals or before meals, you can help the body reduce appetite, and the diet for lunch and dinner is not excessive.

If your body is overweight or obese, it is not recommended to drink milk after meals or before going to bed.

Use milk to abdomen the waist.

  Milk tofu soup specific slimming method is as follows: 200 grams of ingredients tofu, 200 ml of milk, salt content, 1 spoon of sugar, chopped green onion, MSG.

  As in the case of ordinary tofu soup, put the tofu in the milk (add a little water to the milk to prevent the dry pot). After boiling, follow the taste of the condiment.

  You don’t need other foods when you lose weight with this product. This soup can be eaten until it is full.

  Taking time: You can only drink tofu milk soup on the first day, and add fruits and vegetables such as cucumber or tomato from the next day to increase the fiber content of the power and accelerate the metabolism. At this time, you obviously feel that the lower abdomen is flat, generally third.You can lose 1-2 kilograms in a day, and have a flat stomach!

  Small reminder: When using tofu milk to lose weight, we must pay attention to the daily conversion of food can not be less than 1,000 kcal.

Massage makes you sleep at night


Massage makes you sleep at night

Insomnia is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people. It is generally difficult to fall asleep, easy to wake up, can not fall asleep after waking up, and stays up all night in severe cases.

According to relevant information, more than 45% of elderly (aged food) people have been suffering from insomnia.

Once insomnia, often resort to doctors, oral hypnotics, over time, easily lead to drug complications.

A variety of non-pharmacological self-therapies are available for selection: 1.

Sit back to bed before going to sleep every night, lying on the bed, staying in the dantian (navel), first use the right hand to wind the rope slightly in the clockwise direction, while squatting and counting, 120 times; then switch to the left hand counterclockwiseThe direction is also around the umbilical cord 120 times.

The author has been insisting for more than 20 years and has a good effect on entering deep sleep in the middle of the night.

If you can’t fall asleep in the middle of the night, you can use the above methods for 60 times each time. It also has a certain effect on sleep (sleep food).

  Because the abdominal abdomen can make the gastrointestinal motility, especially in the elderly, the function of digestion (digestive food) is weakened, the gas in the inhalation channel will multiply, and the large intestine is swollen and swollen.

Once the abdomen is swollen, the large intestine is stimulated, and the gas is squeezed out and the fart is easy to fall asleep; if it is not abdomen, the fart cannot be released, and the large intestine is inflated, which affects falling asleep.


Stepping on the bean massage with 500 grams of mung beans, set the iron (iron food) pot Chinese fire hot, pour into the washbasin, while washing the feet dry, borrow the mung bean in the basin, use the feet to step on the mung bean, whileStep on the side.

Start pedaling 1 hour before going to bed every 30 minutes or so.


Beat the Yongquan point every night before going to bed, wash your feet, sit on the bed, first use the right palm to pat the left foot Yongquan point 120 times, then use the left palm to pat the right foot Yongquan point 120 times, each time to feel the slight swellingThe pain is appropriate.

You can drive out insomnia and sleep peacefully.

The spring health care is at the time

The spring health care is at the time

In April, when you are enjoying the joy of bathing in the spring breeze.

If you don’t strengthen your self-protection and realize your self-care, you may be shot by a dark arrow hidden in the spring breeze, causing a variety of diseases.

  Spring is the season of recovery of all things, and it is also the season of frequent disease.

Because this season is not only suitable for the reproduction and spread of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, but also for climate change.

  4 major causes of spring incidence1.

Spring is warm and cold, and it is the season with the largest temperature change and the most unstable temperature.

The cold air in the north is still very strong, and the low-temperature and high-pressure zone of the air accelerates to the high-temperature and low-pressure zones, which leads to the characteristics of windy weather in spring.

The faster the wind speed, the faster the body heats up, and the people feel cold.

This is the reason why “the spring is cold and the wind is cold, and the spring is frozen without water”.

  In this climate of change, the body’s disease resistance declines, and pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria can take advantage of it. It is not only easy to induce influenza, meningitis, scarlet fever, chickenpox, mumps, rubella and many other infectious diseases., but also easy to induce acute bronchitis, pneumonia, nose bleeding and other thermal diseases.

  In this alternating season of climate alternation, it is easy to cause sympathetic imbalance of the body, causing capillary contraction, blood pressure rise, blood coagulation time changes, blood viscosity is increased, which may easily lead to hypertension, stroke, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and the like.

For example, myocardial infarction has two peaks in high blood pressure, one is 11-December, and the other is 3-3-4 months, which is the most serious climate change.


Old diseases in spring are easy to relapse. If you eat too hot, the internal consumption of true yin, or the greasy food, the heat and the intrinsic, there will be headache, dizziness, mental fatigue, physical exhaustion, heavy limbs and other visceral disorders, the so-called “Winter stagnation and spring hair.”

Coupled with the abnormality of the climate, cold and warm, some old and frail or suffering from a host disease will relapse.
The so-called “Herbs back to the bud.

“Initiation of a hundred diseases” means this.

Especially before and after the vernal equinox, chronic diseases have the most recurrence, such as migraine, stomach pain, chronic pharyngitis, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.


In spring, windy, pollen particles floating in the air, willow scum, dust, etc., for people with allergies, most likely to induce allergic reactions, allergic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic arthritis and urticaria.


The weather in the spring is changing, and people’s emotions also change.

Especially in the weather where the high temperature is relatively high, the weather is sultry, and the pressure is lowered, people’s emotions are more likely to change, and depression, depression and overwhelming mental state appear.

Especially those with a history of mental illness such as schizophrenia are most sensitive to this weather and are therefore prone to recurrence.

According to statistics, the period from March to April is the period with the highest incidence of mental illness. Therefore, the folks have the saying: “Spring is coming, idiots are mad, cauliflower yellow, and idiots are busy.”

  In short, although the spring is beautiful and vibrant, the climate change has the greatest physical and psychological impact on people.

Therefore, when bathing in the spring breeze, it is also necessary to strengthen self-care, complications or reduce the occurrence of diseases.

  Elderly spring health care 7 attention 1.

Cold-proof and warm-hearted dressing According to the truth, the old people know that they should “spring and autumn”, but in practice they are taken lightly.

Or prematurely put away the winter clothes, do not want to look over again, or fortunately “not so cold”, resulting in a cold.

Therefore, it is necessary to add and subtract clothes in time through climate change, and do not make do with it.


Going to bed early and getting up early and not in love with the bed “Nei Jing” pointed out: “Spring March . night lying early, wide step in the court, was slowed down to make Zhisheng.

“If you can get up early and get up early in the spring, go to high-level activities and stretch your body. It will not only help you adapt to the climatic characteristics of spring, but also make you ventilate and reduce sleepiness.

Especially the elderly.

You can’t stay in bed for too long in the morning, otherwise it will most likely lead to cerebral thrombosis.


Adjusting the diet to prevent fire is the season of yang rising, the metabolism is strong, if you do not know the temperament, the aerodynamic anger, or eat spicy spicy food, the dark liquid consumption, it is easy to get angry, causing nosebleeds.
Therefore, the spring diet should be light and delicious, sweet and less sour; eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals; eat should not be too full, should eat less greasy, fried and spicy food; less alcohol, especiallyEat mutton, dog meat, antler, attached tablets and other big heat to reduce the occurrence of snot, scorpion, ulcer sores, hemorrhoids.

Although the physical fitness is strong, “the year is based on spring.”

Spring is the best season for healthy investment.

The spring is bright and the air is fresh. This kind of environment is most conducive to the body to vomit and new, to fill the dirty.

Therefore, after the spring, you should increase outdoor activities according to your own situation, such as tai chi and walking.

It is very suitable to dance disco and fly a kite.

Regular exercise can not only enhance immune immunity, but also reduce the occurrence of systemic diseases such as breathing and circulation.

It will also make thinking more agile.


Ventilation of windows to open the door to spring, all things sprout, bacteria, viruses and all pests grow and proliferate.

Therefore, in the spring, pay attention to open the window to ventilate the air, keep the room air fresh; pay attention to personal hygiene.

Diligent clothes are.


The sexual intercourse is not excessively spring yang, and sexual desire is mainly enhanced.

Therefore, it is forbidden to be over-excited due to excitement, resulting in exhaustion of exhaustion and adverse physical health.


When I asked Lin to take a spiritual spirit and a beautiful day, I went to the green to ask Liu, and I was able to cultivate the sentiment, so that my heart would be open and my blood would be smooth.

It can not only increase the infinite taste in life, but also improve the body’s ability to adapt to the changing climate. It can also make people burn vigorously, full of vitality and enhance physical fitness.

Eight bad habits after dinner become the biggest killer of health

Eight bad habits after dinner become the biggest killer of health

Due to the rising temperature, in the hot summer days, people are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, easy sweating, drowsiness and other symptoms.

Therefore, having a reasonable diet on this hot summer can be very helpful in alleviating the above symptoms.

Life Family Xiaobian specially collects the dietary health knowledge suitable for you this summer, and customizes the summer healthy diet for you!

  Everyone knows that unhealthy diet may have terrible consequences, but often ignore some bad habits after meals. As everyone knows, these humble life habits are likely to become the biggest “killer” of your health. This is because of the reorganization after dinner.Digestion of food requires a large amount of blood, causing temporary deterioration of brain organs, resulting in operational errors.

  Abuse 1: Eating fruit after a meal (fruit food) Many people like to eat some fruit after a meal, which is a wrong habit.

After the food enters the stomach, it takes 1 to 2 hours to digest. If the fruit is eaten immediately after the meal, it will be blocked by the food that was previously eaten, so that the fruit cannot be digested normally (digested food).

After a long time, it can cause symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation (constipation food).

  Bad habit 2: Drinking tea after a meal with a strong tea will dilute the gastric juice and affect the digestion of the food.

In addition, tea leaves contain a large amount of residual acid, and after drinking tea, the protein that has not been digested in the stomach is combined with the ingested acid to form a non-digestible precipitate, which affects the absorption of protein (protein food).

Tea is about to penetrate the absorption of iron, which can even cause iron deficiency (iron food) anemia in the long run.

  Bad habit 3: The risk of smoking after a meal is 10 times greater than usual!

This is due to an increase in blood circulation in the digestive tract after eating, resulting in a large amount of harmful components in the smoke being absorbed, damaging the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, causing diseases in these areas.

  Abuse 4: After taking a bath after a meal, the blood flow in the body surface will increase, and the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced accordingly, which will weaken the digestive function of the stomach and cause indigestion.

  Abuse 5: Relaxing the belt after a meal Many people feel overwhelmed after eating too much, often relaxing the belt buckle, so that although the stomach is comfortable, it will cause the pressure in the abdominal cavity to drop, forcing the stomach to sag.

In the long run, you will suffer from a true stomach droop.

  Abuse 6: After a meal, after a meal, “hundred steps”, not only can not live “ninety-nine”, and then because of the increase in the amount of exercise (sports food), affecting the absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract.

Especially in the elderly, heart function is reduced, hardening of the arteries, and frequent walking after meals, blood pressure (blood pressure food) declines.

  Bad habit 7: After singing a karaoke folk, there is a saying that “satisfaction is full of sings,” this sentence is correct.

After eating, the stomach capacity of the person increases, the stomach wall becomes thinner, and the blood flow increases. At this time, singing causes the diaphragm to move down, and the abdominal pressure (pressure food) increases, which causes indigestion, and causes inappropriateness and other causes.possibility.

  Bad habit 8: Driving a driver after a meal is easy to drive in a car accident after a meal.

This is because the digestion of food by the gastrointestinal tract after the meal requires a large amount of blood, causing temporary deterioration of the brain organs, resulting in operational errors.

How to better compensate for stomach problems

How to better compensate for stomach problems

Everyone is familiar with diet therapy. Most people are no stranger to stomach disease. How can stomach supplements be better?

Diet therapy is not only different from drug therapy, but also inconsistent with ordinary expectations.

So what is the method of stomach disease therapy?

What is the best for stomach disease diet?

Let’s learn together!

How is the stomach disease better?

1, Codonopsis squid soup ingredients: fresh squid 1500 grams, 30 grams of Codonopsis, cooking wine, salt, green onions, ginger, grass fruit, dried tangerine peel, cinnamon, vegetable oil, chicken soup amount.

Production: first wash the codonopsis, grass fruit, dried tangerine peel, cinnamon, ginger, put it into the gauze bag tie; remove the squid, the internal organs, wash the oil pan and fry slightly; pour the chicken soup into the pot, add the medicine package and the onion, cooking wine, salt, boiled until the fish is cooked, pick up the onion, the medicine can be.

Food: Eat with food, 1 per day?
3 times, each time 150?
200 ml.

Efficacy: The soup has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, supplementing the vital energy and strengthening the body. It is suitable for patients with chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer in spring.

2, papaya ribs soup ingredients: fresh papaya, 150 grams of peanuts, pork ribs 500 grams, 9 red dates, and salt, MSG amount.

Production: fresh papaya peeled, child, washed and cut thick slices; peanuts soaked in water for 30 minutes; ribs washed into small pieces, red dates to the core, washed.

Put all the above ingredients into the casserole, add some water, boil it with high heat, then use a small fire for 3 hours, add salt, and season with MSG.

Food: Eat with food, 1 per day?
3 times, each time 150?
200 ml.

Efficacy: The soup has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening dryness, spleen and laxative; suitable for chronic gastritis, indigestion caused by stomach and duodenal ulcer, or thirst, or excessive fire in spring, caused by heatingThe sore throat.

3, mutton warm stomach soup ingredients: fresh mutton 500 grams, 3 slices of ginger, 9 grams of fragrant aconite, 9 grams of fragrant Amomum, salt, MSG.

Production: Fresh mutton is cut into large pieces. After boiling water, add ginger slices, fragrant aconite and fragrant sand kernels to the casserole, add 2000 ml of water, and simmer for 3 hours with low heat. Add salt and season with MSG.

Food: Eat with food, 1 per day?
3 times, each time 150?
200 ml.

Efficacy: This soup has the effect of warming the stomach, dispelling cold and relieving pain. It is suitable for spring stomach discomfort, mouth nausea or overeating cold food caused by dull pain, abdominal distension, constipation, heartburn, stomach ups orStomach, duodenal ulcer is a type of stomach cold.

4, yellow juice chicken soup ingredients: bone cooked chicken 500 grams, 50 grams of butter, 250 grams of onion, 1500 ml of clear chicken soup, 1 peach, 1 leaf of fragrant leaves, 3 grams of pepper, salt, amount of fried noodles15 grams, 1 egg yolk.

Production: cut the onion into diced, cooked chicken cut into small pieces, spare; add smashed hot water in the frying pan, refine the water, add onion diced, fragrant leaves, white pepper, simmer until slightly yellow, then add oilStir-fried noodles, mix well; pour the chicken soup into a wok with stir-fried shallots, boil over high heat, add salt, peach, boil for about 10 minutes, pick out the peach peel, turn off the heat, keep the soup hot, and set aside.

Place the egg yolk in the bowl, put it into the hot chicken soup and pour it into the chicken soup. When the soup is served, put the cooked chicken pieces in the bowl.

Food: Eat with food, 1 per day?
3 times, 15 each time?
200 ml.

Efficacy: This soup has warm spleen and stomach, aphrodisiac tonifying kidney effect; suitable for spring fresh cold type chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer and symptoms of pantothenic acid, less food, poor fatigue, thin stools.
After reading the above introduction, I think everyone should know that some foods can help people get rid of stomach problems!

There are also some therapeutic methods for treating stomach problems that are recommended for everyone. You can also try it!

Spring day refuses to dry muscle

Spring day refuses to dry muscle

The first weapon: the principle of oil moisturizing and moisturizing is also the oldest moisturizing method.

The best effect of these moisturizers is Vaseline, which is found in many medical ointments and moisturizing creams for extremely dry skin.

Vaseline is not absorbed by the skin. It forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin, which makes the skin’s moisture less likely to evaporate and dissipate, protecting the skin from foreign objects.

  In addition to Vaseline, the oil moisturizing ingredients are high viscosity white wax oil, various triglycerides, various ester oils.

Skin care products containing anti-evaporation moisturizers basically contain these ingredients and are suitable for extremely dry skin in the evening.

  Scope of application Grease and moisturizer is relatively greasy. It is basically a suicide “weapon” in the summer, but it is significant in the dry winter.

A layer of moisturizing oil can help you lock the moisture firmly, so that the skin will show a creamy appearance in the cold of early spring.

  Grease and moisturizing products are more suitable for dry skin with lack of water and oil. The oily skin texture should be carefully selected even in winter. Because the skin care products with the wrong ratio of water to oil are selected, too much oil may be blocked by pores.Cause acne and acne.

  Moisturizing is a must.

Choose the right oil and fat content and fat content.

Animal oil is the most moisturizing oil moisturizer, such as products containing lanolin, lanolin and other ingredients, while vegetable oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and other ingredients are milder and can be absorbed by the skin.

Other fat and moisturizing ingredients have different characteristics and can be selected as needed.


Master the proper amount.

Oil-based moisturizers usually have high-nutrient dryness, which helps the skin to replenish various nutrients while maintaining moisture. However, if used too much, it will increase the burden on the skin and cause skin problems.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the right amount of principle when using this type of moisturizer.


Be careful to clean.

Vaseline is not absorbed by the skin and it will adhere to the skin for a long time.

If you use a grease moisturizer without paying attention to thoroughly cleansing the skin, it is easy to make the external barrier of the skin thicker and thicker, and the nutrients are not easy to enter the skin.

Therefore, when using this type of moisturizer, it is best to use a cleansing product with better cleaning power.

  The second weapon: moisture absorption moisturizing principle moisture absorption moisturizing is the most common moisturizing method.

The most typical of these moisturizers are polyols. The oldest used in history are glycerin, sorbose, propylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol.

A substance has the function of extracting moisture from the surrounding environment, and has a good moisturizing effect on the skin under high relative humidity conditions.

However, in a low-humidity, cold, dry and windy climate, it is not only good for the skin, but will absorb moisture from the inner layer of the skin, making the skin drier and affecting the normal function of the skin.

Many skin care products such as lotions, lotions, creams, etc. contain more or less such ingredients.

  Scope of application of moisturizing skin care products with such ingredients, suitable for summer in high relative humidity, early autumn season and southern regions, but for dry skin or dry weather in the north, such moisturizers are not enough.

  Moisturizing is a must.

Moisture-absorbing moisturizers absorb moisture from the environment to keep the skin moist, but do not deliver moisture to the inside of the skin.

Therefore, with such moisturizers, it is possible that the skin looks very moist, but it is actually very dry and causes insufficient nutrition.

This requires targeted use of moisturizing nutrients that can reach the depths of the skin.


Can’t you use hygroscopic moisturizer in the low humidity?

Not always.

Use a moisturizing lotion first, then bring a bottle of moisturizing spray with you to match the characteristics of moisture absorbing moisturizer, so that your skin is ready for water.

This is better than using a moisturizing spray alone or a moisturizing moisturizer alone.

  The third weapon: Hydration moisturizing principle Hydrating moisturizing is the most versatile moisturizing method.

A certain moisturizer is hydrophilic and is a substance that is compatible with water.It forms a net that combines free and free water into its mesh, making free water into bound water and not easily evaporating, thus achieving a moisturizing effect.

  Scope of application This is a relatively advanced moisturizing ingredient, suitable for all skin types, various climates, day and night.

Its composition is mainly collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, mainly animal body.

There have been recent ingredients from microorganisms and plants that have similar effects.

  Moisturizing hydrating hydrating has a very strong water-locking ingredient, and it rarely uses synthetic esters, which makes people feel at ease.

In addition, the general hydration moisturizer is not only moisturizing, but also has the function of aging, smoothing the fine lines and protecting the skin. It is a full-effect skin care product, so do not add it when using it, do a subtraction, let the skin getAdequate nutrition without burdening the skin.

  The first weapon: repair moisturizing principle, moisturizing is a moisturizer suitable for mature skin.

Free radicals, skin care products are often added with a variety of vitamins to help repair various functions of skin cells, enhance their own resistance and protection, such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin E and fruit acid products areA good moisturizing repair ingredient.

  A moisturizer containing vitamin E can accumulate in the stratum corneum of the skin, helping the repair of the stratum corneum of the skin and preventing the evaporation of water in the skin and in the stratum corneum.

Vitamin A is an important component that regulates the growth and activity of skin cells. It can increase the elasticity of the skin and increase the thickness of the epidermis and dermis.

Provitamin B5, also known as panthenol, promotes the regeneration of fibroblasts and helps the repair of tissues.

Vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen, which makes the skin fuller and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

AHA can eliminate the stratum corneum that loses moisturizing function on the skin, allowing the newborn keratinocytes to naturally exert moisturizing function and improve the moisturizing degree of the skin. It is a kind of repairing moisturizer.

  Scope of application This moisturizer is especially suitable for skin that is more than 30 years old due to erosion of the years.

  Moisturizing is a must.

Dry skin no matter which moisturizing skin care product, the effect is always limited, it is better to improve the skin’s own protection and moisturizing function to achieve better results.


With other skin care products that have a healing effect, the moisturizing effect is better.


It must be done with a mild exfoliation procedure in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

The key to slimming: symptomatic treatment

The key to slimming: symptomatic treatment

Obesity is related to living habits. According to living habits, the excess can be divided into five types.

Therefore, to choose a healthy weight loss method, it is more scientific to choose according to the type.

  Type I obesity – overeating type 1 often doing snacks while doing things; 2 when buying food, only buy the appetite, regardless of whether it has nutritional value; 3 like oily, heavy food and cream products; 4 eatWhen things are, they often eat all the food.

  Type I obesity, weight loss should be gradual, reduce food intake, eat a fruit before eating or drink a large glass of water, learn to calculate the calories contained in food, avoid extremes when dieting.

  Type II hypertension – non-scientific eating type 1 often does not eat breakfast, and eat irregular; 2 eating faster; 3 dinner is often the most abundant; 4 often for their own “eat” to make excuses.

  Type II obese people need to reschedule their diet plans to lose weight.

  Type III hypertension – emotional obesity type 1 often overeating because of relief of uneasiness and other emotions; 2 often eat snacks when they are out of control; 3 often accused of overeating; 4 temporarily, often languish, worried about anxiety.

  Type III obese people should learn to make friends, travel, study, etc. activities that tend to develop emotions in a good direction.

  Type IV obesity – lack of exercise to make fat type 1 can take the elevator without climbing stairs; 2 can ride without riding or cycling; 3 never participate in any sports activities, and no interest; 4 walking speed is slower than others.

  What type IV obese people have to do is to go running, go swimming, play badminton, and do aerobics.

  V-type obesity-metabolism type 1 day heat, even if it feels very hot, sweating is rare; 2 triggers autonomic nervous disorder, hormone secretion disorder; 3 often likes to eat salty food, coffee, black tea or cannedFood; 4 bathing speed and hot water.

  V-type obese people lose weight, unless you try some medical methods, you should also strengthen exercise, pay attention to diet, and of course, it is more important to have perseverance.

Recommended six dietary treatments for nephritis

Recommended six dietary treatments for nephritis

It is already unfortunate that you have kidney disease, so how to treat it best, what should you eat in your life?

Today, I will talk to you about the normal diet of nephritis, I hope to be helpful to everyone, the specific diet is as follows.

Recommended six kinds of therapeutic methods for nephritis (1) Watermelon skin drink 50 grams of watermelon skin, 50 grams of red bean, 50 grams of fresh roots, watermelon skin to green clothes, cut into pieces, and with red bean, Mao Gen water decoction.

1 time a day?
2 times, even for a few days, suitable for floating species that are not obvious but have a bad back pain.

(2) Winter melon porridge 500 grams, 30 grams of red beans, 60 grams of previous rice, add water.

First, the winter melon and red bean are boiled into soup, then the rice is added to the porridge to eat.

2 times a day, or a single net winter melon, red bean soup mixed, when cooking soup should not add salt or rarely add salt.

It has heat-clearing and detoxifying, cooling blood and kidney.

(3) 1000 grams of duck porridge duck soup, 50 grams of previous rice.

1 previous rice wash.

2 First, the rice, duck soup (sucking oil) is added to the pot, and after boiling with a fire, it is cooked to a cooked fire.

Take 2 times a day, morning and dinner, benefit lung and kidney, eliminate edema, use for lung nephrectomy, edema and other symptoms.

(4) Fresh white stalk roots drink 50 grams of fresh white roots, 50 grams of corn.

The Rhizoma Imperatae, the corn must be washed with water, or the single-flavored Rhizoma Imperatae 60 grams of Jianshui.

Generation of tea, 3 times a day?
5 times, suitable for facial edema, aversion to cold and fever, urinary adverse.

(5) 1 carp, winter melon soup, 30 grams of red bean, 1500 grams of melon, 5 green onions.

Fish to scale and internal organs and wash, add 5 bowls of water and red beans, melon, green onions and cook together to 3 bowls of soup.

1 dose a day, even for 7 days?
For 8 days, the cover was sweated after eating fish and soup.

It is suitable for aversion to cold, fever, dizziness, sore throat, dysuria, yellow or red, etc.

(6) 1 scorpion stewed turtle, 1 turtle (about 500 grams), 60 grams of raw scutellaria.

First, let the turtle swim in the hot water, kill it after urinating, and wash it.

Add the soft-shelled turtle and the scutellaria to the water and cook until the turtle is cooked.

Replenishing qi and nourishing yin, diminishing water and swelling.

Eat with food, can be divided into 2?
Finished on the 3rd.

Everyone has remembered the above 6 diets, I hope to help you, in addition to medical treatment, but also do daily care work, I wish you a speedy recovery!

Let you develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles

Let you develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles

The shoulder is a very wonderful multi-functional joint of the human body.

It can turn in any direction and participate in all upper limb movements in several subjects.

From an aesthetic point of view, the strong shoulder muscles make the upper line of the body beautiful and beautiful.

If the shoulder muscles are weak, stiff, or the tuxedo is unbalanced, they can easily be sprained and torn during exercise, not to mention aesthetics.

  In order to make the dumbbells and shoulder muscles of the tuxedo, the dumbbells are lifted in front of the dumbbells, and the side is flat, not to mention whether it is beautiful.

These exercises are very good, but they are not enough to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff and the muscles that fix the shoulder blades.

  In fact, the shoulder joint is particularly like a combination of a “ball and bowl”.

The rounded upper end of the upper arm bone is embedded in the outer end of the clavicle and is fixed by the tendon and muscle of the tendon.

This structure allows the shoulder joint to freely move with the upper limbs.

But if the muscle in this structure is too stiff, and the existing muscles will loosen and weaken, the shoulder joint strength will be out of balance, and the imbalance of muscle strength will eventually lead to the pain.

The exercise plan consisting of the following 3 sets of exercises will enable you to develop strong and beautiful shoulder muscles.

The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen the shoulder joint function and the strength of the muscles involved.

You can choose from any combination of links to suit your practice plan: thin shoulders, what long sleeves are better, and 5-10 minutes after training, including relaxation.

The effect of practicing 3 times a week is the most ideal.

  Prevention of injuries When performing shoulder exercises, please be aware of the following recommendations for preventing injuries: 1.

Fully warm-up – Pre-heated muscles are softer and more elastic.

Doing strength exercises at this time can greatly reduce muscle discomfort and the possibility of injury.


The movements are correct – it is best to face the mirror exercises to ensure that the target muscles are moving alone, rather than being stronger by others: the muscles of the dragon are involved in the work.


Distinguish between normal and abnormal muscle soreness – When lifting weights, it is good to feel a burning sensation in the muscles, but it should stop if the joints are painful.


Record your training process – maybe some practice mode can cause sports injuries.

But only by making continuous records can you discover the rules.


Don’t ignore the squat – supine on the ground or on the fitness ball and lean down.

You can also lean back against the wall, lift your arms over your head, and apply force to the back.

These contractions and squats can alleviate the stiffness that causes shoulder injuries and poor body posture.

  The main muscle of the shoulder joint structure is the deltoid muscle.

They extend from the upper end of the clavicle to the scapula to the middle of the upper arm, covering the entire shoulder joint.

The main role of the deltoid muscle is responsible for multi-directional movement of the shoulder joint.

The rotator cuff, consisting of four muscles in the lower part of the deltoid muscle, is responsible for many upper limb movements, including casting, docking, and lifting. Its primary task is to prevent dislocation of the upper end of the arm bone.

  The scapula connects the clavicle to the upper arm at the back end.

When your upper arm is active, the shoulders will also have the corresponding action.

Its movement and stability is accomplished by a number of muscles, including the upper and lower trapezius muscles, as well as the rhomboids that connect the spine to the shoulder blades.

  Practice action 1.

Solid ball push-ups – The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the core strength and balance of the muscles that control the scapula.

  The body is in a push-up position and the left hand supports the ground.
Place your right hand on a 2-4 lb solid ball and keep your body in line from head to toe.
Flex your elbows and lower your body until the elbows and shoulders are at the same height.

Then the straight arm is propped up and restored, and the two arms are completed in the same number of times as the first group.

The point of this exercise is to keep the arm on the ball stable and let the ball just below the shoulder joint.


Pushing the dumbbell up and down – This exercise is an improved form of the shoulder push dumbbell, which aims to strengthen the scapula stability muscle while reducing the pressure on the shoulder joint.

  Hold one dumbbell in each hand and sit on the preset of 45-50 degrees on the slope, abdomen, and the back is close to the cushion.

Place your feet on the ground with the same shoulder width.

Elbow the elbow, hold the dumbbell in front of the shoulder, and move the palm forward.

Push the dumbbell hard and place your hand over the front of the shoulder.

Repeat after a few moments.

The main point of this exercise is to gather the shoulder blades back and down when doing the action, in line with the shoulders, in order to improve the body posture.


Prone V-shaped lifting dumbbells – this exercise works well for improving the posterior and rectus muscles of the shoulder deltoid muscle.

  Raise the highest end so that the dumbbell will not touch the ground when it is lowered.

Hold one light weight dumbbell in each hand and tilt it on top, and the two arms naturally sag.

The legs are straight and close together, and the abdomen is closed.

The shoulder blades are close to the middle and lower.

The palms are inward.

The arms are lifted forward to the front until the hand slightly exceeds the upper end of the upper limit.

Stay for 2 seconds and repeat after reduction.

During practice, pay attention to this V-shaped movement not only for the arm muscles, but also for the shoulder muscles, so the shoulder blades should be re-tensioned before each movement.


The primary purpose of the distal dumbbell oblique lifting is to exercise the shoulder deltoid muscle and the rotator cuff muscles to improve the balance of the shoulder muscles.

  The tips of the feet are the same shoulder width, and each hand holds a dumbbell on the side of the body, and the palms are inward.

Straighten your arms but do not lock the elbows, lift them up and separate them to the sides until the hands are shoulder-high.

At this point the distance between the two hands is a few inches wider than the shoulder.

After a pause, restore the repeat.

Note that the route of the two arms is just between the side lift and the front lift.

Don’t shrug when lifting your arms.


Lateral flexion arm dumbbell external rotation – this exercise can strengthen the endurance of the rotator cuff muscles and improve the stability of the shoulder joint.

  Lying on the side, legs straight, abdomen, keep your hips upright.

The left arm bends the elbow to support the upper body.

The right arm is bent at 90 degrees, the right hand is holding a small weight dumbbell, and the elbow tip is extended.

While keeping the right elbow relatively stable, raise the dumbbell with the right hand and raise the arm perpendicular to the ground.

After a short pause, repeat slowly after the reduction.

The number of times the bilateral is completed is one group.

Note that this is a shoulder-spinning exercise that keeps the shoulders fixed during the movement and does not move back and forth.

You can hold a towel roll under your arm to fix your arm.

Advocating this exercise on the shoulders strengthens the rotator cuff muscles and improves the stability of the scapula.
  Hold a dumbbell in the right and stand next to the right side.

Above the left knee joint, the left hand is supported on the upper side, and the flexion and extension joints are bent over to the trunk parallel to the ground.

Abdomen, straight back.

The right hand holding the dumbbell hangs down, under the right shoulder, and the palms are inward.

The shoulder muscles are forced to lift the right shoulder blade up and back, and the arm rises but does not bend.

After a pause, restore the repeat.
The same number of times for bilateral completion is 1 group.

Be careful not to let the shoulder blades move and the shoulder joints not to participate.

This is a small but challenging exercise.