Yogurt and milk are high

Since the benefits of yoghurt to the human body have been recognized, and many manufacturers are very optimistic about this market, they are constantly introducing new varieties and introducing many kinds of strains, so that people have more choices.

  Yogurt and milk are mainly added with lactic acid bacteria, so the lactose in milk is decomposed into lactic acid. In the study, it is found that lactic acid and calcium are most easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, yoghurt is very suitable for puberty and is prone to osteoporosis.Women to compensate.

In addition, it creates an acidic environment for the gastrointestinal tract and also helps the absorption of iron.

  When it comes to the universe, you must understand it.

Although the labels vary, the contents are nothing more than milk, oligosaccharides, pectin, fructose and spices.

Because the Chinese generally do not adapt to the too sour yogurt, so the manufacturers will add sugar or fructose to flavor, which also adds a lot of impurities.

  Low fat milk 240C.

C contains about 120 calories, while the same amount of low-fat yogurt contains 150?
200 big cards (depending on each brand), so the conversion is more than imagined.

If you want to drink a little calories, it is recommended that you choose a yogurt that is degreased and low-transfer, because the same 240C.

C only contains a new generation of about 100 cards.

  Yogurt is generally higher than the conversion of milk. Women who are afraid of fat should choose the label and type carefully, and the amount of food should be limited. Otherwise, they will drink a bunch of gaps without knowing it.