Lin Yichen: More than anyone who has lost weight

Duan face has another easy-to-fat physique Lin Yichen, so she has to be the same as most girls, to lose weight as a lifelong career and continue to struggle.

So to talk about the way to lose weight, in the morning, but more than anyone else!

  Diet, diet, sweet potato, nutritious breakfast, every morning when you come to the mainland, you will definitely eat a kind of breakfast – steamed sweet potatoes.

Almost every morning, the assistant asked her to make soy milk, and then served with steamed sweet potatoes.

The nutrient-rich sweet potato and soy milk will not make people fat. In the health and weight loss, they are quite proficient in the morning. The sweet potato can be detoxified and full of satiety. It is a good health diet food!

  In order to lose weight, I used to keep the tip of my chin. I insisted on fasting for 21 days.

However, the loved ones of the newspapers should not follow suit. Although they did not eat, they still ate high-protein enzymes and supplemented nutrition.

After 21 days of weight loss, Yichen successfully lost 7 kilograms!

When taking photos, she also took the shorts and smiled and said: Now that I am thin, I can finally wear shorts!

  After the exercise to lose weight, “Oriental Juliet”, after entering the rest period in the morning, she loves to live a healthy life.

Get up early every morning to go to the yoga studio to do yoga, sometimes to the gym.

After two months, I lost 3 kilograms in the morning.

Before the start of “My Billion Bread”, there was also a period of cycling to lose weight in the morning. After a round of crazy sports, the next person lost a big circle, and the cotton became more rosy.

It seems that sports weight loss is still worthy of respect?
Even losing weight is still beautiful!

  In addition to exercise, dieting, these well-known weight loss methods, there is also a unique weight loss weapon.

Legend has it that she has a secret notebook, in the filming of the gap, Yi Chen always likes to write on the book.

It turned out that because there are a lot of foods that can’t be eaten because of weight loss, in order to solve the love of food, she will remember the name of the food she wants to eat and imagine how she can comfort herself when she eats food.After eating, I asked my mother to give her a meal according to the menu on the book.

  According to the morning’s weight loss will kill 1.

Must drink 8 every day?
10 cups of water.


Eat at least 5 fruits a day.

  Essential vegetables and vegetables, celery, carrots, apples, grapes, mangoes, strawberries, persimmons, pineapples, cherries, etc.