The crazy room can also be “crazy”!

Dull waiting time and time-saving fitness method Every day you will wait a long time in front of the elevator!
Then, have you ever thought about taking advantage of this time? It takes only a few minutes to use your office bag to exercise your body.
What else to consider?
Move it!
  办公包静力练习  两脚开立大约与肩同宽,两手手心向上握住你的办公包带,两肘贴紧身体,以肱二头肌的力量去控制住你的包而不使它摆动In the specific training process, you can also try to practice with the opposite movements of the two hands.
In order to achieve different training effects.
Hold for about 30 seconds and then relax.
  俯身臂屈伸  首先将手臂前身支撑到墙面上,另一只手屈臂手持办公包放在体侧,持办公包一侧的手臂应自然下垂,同时抬头挺腰,身体与地面平行,支撑The legs relax and stand straight; the triceps pulls the office bag up and back until the arm is straight, and pauses for about 1-2 seconds.
  负重颈力练习  练习时两脚开立,先将你的办公包带放在头顶(注意包带不要过窄)同时可先挺直颈部,双手放在膝盖上以支撑你的身体;接下来Under the control of the neck muscles, lower the head forward; then use the neck muscles to force the head up and return to the prepared position.
This action training can be repeated.