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In summer, everyone will choose some refreshing foods to eat, some cold noodles, etc., but many people are unwilling to go out to buy, because the health situation in summer is very worrying. If you want to eat healthy noodles, it is bestThe method is to make it by yourself. The traditional method of making liangpi is very complicated, so many people want to know how to make liangzi of ordinary flour without washing. So how to make liangzi of ordinary flour without washing?

First, how to make cold skin without flour?

  : Flour is best to replace high-gluten flour or dumpling flour or rich-strong flour. This kind of cold noodles that do not wash noodles have gluten, which will be worse than ordinary gluten.


Add sesame sauce with a little water and use chopsticks to stir evenly in one direction. PS: Hemp sauce is better to stir with water than oil, and the water is more refreshing.

Smash garlic with salt, add water, and stir the sesame oil.

Prepare the chili oil.


Cut 2 cucumbers and place in a juicer.

(This troublesome step can be omitted).


Squeezed into juice and filtered through a mesh sieve.

PS: Leave a little cucumber puree in the juice to increase the freshness of the flour.

(This troublesome step can be omitted).

Prepare cucumber juice and high-gluten flour.


Add cucumber juice to the flour little by little and stir without particles.

When the batter is dripping, it forms a straight line, which is not fast alignment, which proves that the consistency of the batter is just right. Let it stand for half an hour.

PS: The batter is too much, it’s not easy to steam, it’s too thin.

Liangpi gong brush oil anti-stick.

PS: You can use a pizza tray or stainless steel plate instead.

Half a spoon of this size spoon.

PS: The amount of batter in this step determines the amount of steaming time of Liangpi, and you need to adjust the time according to your batter.


Bring the water to a boil, place the Liangpi Gongzi on the ladle, and cover over high heat for 3 minutes.

PS: Judging the degree of maturity depends on whether the Liangpi has not foamed, and it is taken out after foaming twice.

Rongpi gongs are rinsed under a faucet or soaked in a cold water basin until the gongs are completely cold. Use a knife to make a circle around the Liangpi and peel it off.

PS: Repeat this step for the next Liangpi until it is done. When steaming, you can exchange 2 plates for steaming, which saves time.

Brush the oil on the plate of Liangpi, and brush the oil on each prepared Liangpi to prevent sticking.

Roll up 2 Liangpi and cut into pieces.

Liangpi can be made thicker or thinner. This time I replaced it with a thicker one, which is quite refreshing.

How to make cold skin without flour?


As a side dish, I replaced mung bean sprouts and cucumbers.

PS: You can also choose gluten, carrot and the like.


Liangpi plus side dishes with sesame sauce, chili oil amount, 1 teaspoon of pure rice vinegar, half teaspoon of special soy sauce, half teaspoon of salt, pepper oil seasoning.

Finally, I want to talk about the three major seasonings of sesame sauce, chili oil, and vinegar in Liangpi.