Five types of tea are more helpful

What kind of tea does the kidney drink?
Five types of tea are more helpful

Chinese medicine believes that black tea is warm, cold, warm stomach, and has a nourishing effect; while green tea is cool, the effect is mainly refreshing and refreshing. Therefore, if men need kidney and impotence, they can be supplemented with warm black tea.

  Male kidney and impotence should choose warm black tea, which is often regarded as a symbol of pure heart and soul. In fact, according to the human condition, choose different compatible teas. Gentle black tea does not even inhibit sexual desire, and it can be combined with kidney strengthening.Even enhance sexual function and increase the effect of sexual excitement.

Thereby achieving the effect of kidney and aphrodisiac.

Here are five tonifying tea drinks for everyone.

  Eucommia tea Eucommia leaves 12 grams, black tea 3 grams.

Cut the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides and mix them with tea leaves into boiling water for 10 minutes in boiling water.

This side has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, strengthening the bones and strengthening the bones, and is suitable for treating the waist and knee pain caused by kidney and yang deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, frequent urination and urgency, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cirrhosis.

Long-term wear has the effect of anti-aging and anti-aging, prolonging life.

  Walnut honey tea walnut kernel 10 grams, black tea 15 grams.

A total of fine into the end, add honey to the right amount of people in the cup of tea with boiling water can be served.

This side has the effect of warming the kidney and qi, filling Wangyang, stopping the legacy, and the effect of Xingyang. It is mostly used for men’s low sex, slippery premature ejaculation, and long-term impotence has good results.

  12 grams of Dodder Seed Tea, 3 grams of black tea.

First mash the dodder, add the amount of crystal sugar, brew in boiling water in the cup, after 10 minutes, you can drink.

This side has the effect of replenishing yin and yang, solidifying and refining the urine.

It can treat men’s infertility, low sexual intercourse and liver and kidney yang deficiency, and long-term service of this tea has the effect of eyesight, light body and longevity.

  15 grams of Yirenren tea puzzle, 3 grams of black tea.

First, the puzzle kernel: mash and tea together in a cup, boiling water for tea.

This side has the effect of warming the kidney and stopping the remains. It is used for the spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation caused by the lack of kidney under the kidney. The impotence is not lifted, the sexual desire is low, and the insomnia is upset.

  Shrimp rice tea shrimp 10 grams, black tea 3 grams.

Put the two in the same cup, drink in boiling water for 15 minutes and then drink.

Shrimp tea is a tea drink that fishermen love to drink. It has the effect of warming the kidney and strengthening the yang. It can treat impotence and smoothness, kidney deficiency and low back pain.

Shrimp tea is repeatedly soaked, light and tasteless, and can even be eaten with shrimp and tea.